The gutter press are back were they feel most comfortable...the gutter. For tickets to see Jonathan Pie: The FAKE NEWS Tour go to

I mean I appreciate the line in there about the Guardian, but to spend 90% of the time talking like Murdoch is the main villain just rings hollow.

They're ALL villains! Murdoch is a greedy capitalist pig who'll do anything for money and power. And the Guardian want to turn your children into communists and then clap loudly as they castrate them in the name of progressive trans values.

Pie has always been good at swinging at both sides but he's lost some of his bite the more he's focused on Brexit.

Murdoch is a shitbag? Yeah, we know. What year is it, 1995?


Beto O'Rourke responded to those who want to keep their AR-15s by asking why they do not pursue ownership of a bazooka as well.

This 'virtuous' type of political overreach is the most dangerous - everyone involved thinks they're literally saving children's lives and their opposition therefore becomes literally Satan.

With that combination of self-importance and naivety they could do some very serious harm.


"Transformers" actress Megan Fox has responded to criticism over the many photos of her six-year-old son seen sporting long locks and wearing dresses. 

It's perfectly fine for anyone to wear what they want.

It's perfectly irrational to expect everyone else to negate their own opinions because it disagrees with yours.

Go on and wear a dress and I'll go on and laugh at you.


I see victims feeling confused, anxious and unfairly treated by the police, says this independent sexual violence adviser

A family member of mine was raped and abused.

Watching her go through the police and then trial process was absolutely awful. And the satisfaction she felt at the end with a conviction was only mildly more valuable than the cost.

HOWEVER the only alternative would be for society to let the man go or lock him up based on her initial testimony.

Bad things happen to good people and those good people often continue to pay the price for years on end. Destroying the entire foundation of freedom and personal liberty in the West is not a solution to this unfortunate truth.


Many millennials aren’t satisfied with their jobs. Some are taking the drastic measure of starting ‘minternships’, purposely returning themselves to the bottom of the career ladder. Video by Brian Ramirez and Anna Veciana

Hi BBC - you don't need a word for that. It's just an internship.

It's okay. You don't have to make everything about you. You can just use the words we already have. It's okay. You'll be fine if noone talks about you or mentions you for 5 minutes. It's okay. Relax.

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Hi BBC - you don't need a word for that. It's just in internship.

It's okay. You don't have to make everything about you. You can just use the words we already have. It's okay. You'll be fine if noone talks about you or mentions you for 5 minutes. It's okay. Relax.


Demonstrations led by schoolchildren took place in hundreds of cities around the globe.

The current banner pictures (a women with tears in her eyes flowers in her hair and a mask that reads 'help!') is everything wrong with this movement.

Empty, emotional pandering. When has crying and demanding someone else help you ever been a force for change in the world?

One of the reasons 'Occupy X' failed was a lack of central leadership and planning. They had no goal, only feelings. Well that wasn't enough then and it won't be now.

Their mascot is a child and their cause is their feelings. Until their protest matures enough to be able to make some realistic suggestions then it will continue to be just what it has been. Virtuous and empty.


All you bigots must not remember your biology classes. It's natural for men to remain monogamous because of the selective pressure of our long 9 months pregnancies. Conversely it's natural for women to seek out many partners because of how much and how frequently they produce sperm.

If we tried to tinker with this evolutionary plan or even reverse it, as some of you white supremacists suggest, we could do serious harm to society at large.

Grow up!


Police say far-right extremism is a fast-growing problem as supporters seek to mimic jihadist attacks.

Not sure how long they can keep lying about this. How much more crying wolf before everyone starts noticing that the White Malepocalypse isn't actually coming?

Hope there's enough society left to salvage when the other shoe finally drops.


Canada's PM says he deeply regrets wearing skin-darkening make-up at an Arabian Nights-themed gala.

Oh gosh. Could it be?! Is it possible?! A leftist hypocrite?!

I won't believe it. I can't believe it. It's not possible!!!!1


Talk show host Al Sharpton took a shot at some members of the Democratic Party over the weekend, claiming some disrespected older leaders in the party and didn't fight hard enough on racial issues. 

He's right. The democrats should invent a 25th hour in the day so they can talk about race MORE than 24/7.

It's really just white privilege that's stopping them. I'm glad someone's finally calling them out.