The risk of being kicked out still haunts those without a British passport says Guardian columnist Gaby Hinsliff

Outside of the guardian staff room does anyone give a toss about Windrush? I've never heard anyone comment about it, ever. Is it a London thing?


Many British people are ignorant about how racism works. Yet when black people try to explain, our experience is denied, says Guardian columnist Afua Hirsch

"playing the race card" is also a way of silencing white people, so it all evens out in the end.

good luck to any white person going to Sheffield university


The government has dropped my amendment protecting children’s rights, but I’m not giving up, says Labour peer Alf Dubs

"When I arrived in Britain as an unaccompanied refugee child fleeing the Nazis, I never thought I would end up in the Lords."

what a surprise


Those who survived the treacherous Mediterranean crossing were met with racism, fear and incarceration, says journalist and author Hsiao-Hung Pai

Another immigrant telling Europeans we are naughty racists because we don't take in more Immigrants.

She is Taiwanese by birth, how many refugees did they take?


"Taiwan has no asylum laws, and many argue the island isn't ready." (NPR)

And she wrote a whole book investigating the reasons behind "Angry White People". Here is a clue, having ungrateful hypocrites look down their noses at them, while undermining their host country may have something to do with it.


The Duke of Cambridge's dramatic intervention came as Britain recorded its hottest December day and unprecedented wildfires tore across drought-stricken Australia.

Cool, another 10 years.


A bullied 10-year-old makes imaginary friends with a cheeky Führer with no hilarious consequences in this schmaltzy satire

"There’s nothing wrong with refusing to take Hitler seriously, of course......."

Unless you are a Scottish dog owner, of course.


With Lisa Nandy, Angela Rayner and Stella Creasy in the fold, we are spoiled for choice. How exciting, writes Guardian columnist Suzanne Moore

Please let Dianne Abbot get the job


A former Obama administration official on his $1oom strategy to save lives across 40 cities

"shootings are concentrated among a surprisingly small set of people "

no mention of who these people are of course


Labour leader says patients being put at risk by lack of equipment and staff shortages

Yet a man lying dead on Westminster bridge isn't a political issue.

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Yet a man lying dead on Westminster bridge isn't political issue.


The tabloid swiftly deleted its dubious exclusive linking Labour to a shadowy ‘network’ of postmodern hard-left extremists, says author Daniel Trilling

Honestly what type of news agency would report on a shadowy network based on nothing but rumor, conjecture and downright lies?

Not the guardian for sure.