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The mods are childish. To get around bans simply use your phone as a hotspot. Most phones have a dynamic IP, so if that gets banned, just turn on airplane mode for a few minutes. Make sure you clear the cache/cookies.

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The mods are cunts.

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The mods are childish. To get around bans simply use your phone as a hotspot. Most phones have a dynamic IP, so if that gets banned, just turn on airplane mode for a few minutes. Make sure you clear you cache/cookies.


Jeffrey Epstein's death is being investigated by the FBI and Justice Department.

Bill Barr is a crook


CNN added to its deep roster of former FBI and CIA officials-turned-analysts on Friday with the hiring of Andrew McCabe.

This article is just scratching the surface. Virtually all of the MSM, politicians, and federal agencies have been highjacked via blackmail.

Why do you think Trump appointed Acosta? And Fat ass Barr, a former spook with ties to Epstein? Our nation has been conquered without a shot being fired.


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Not that it matters, but the NY Post and Murdoch have deep ties to Epstein and his disgusting blackmail operation, which is why there were so quick to release headlines in the case.


In 1997 NY Post reporter Larry Celona is hired by Stanley Kubrick as a consultant on Eyes Wide Shut and tasked with writing two fake articles for the film. One headlined 'LUCKY TO BE ALIVE.' The other: a cover-up of the murder of a sex slave, falsely reporting it as a suicide.

When Kubrick dies in 1999, Celona is the one to break the exclusive story, reporting that Kubrick was "happy, joking, and completely at peace" before he died.

Just a few months later, Celona is the first person informed of JFK Jr.'s untimely death, and breaks that story as well.

Between those years, in 1999, Larry Celona rides with Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell and others on the Lolita Express from Teterboro, NJ to Palm Beach for a short weekend. They return with two extra women.

Teterboro is now being reported as the hub of Epstein's sex traffic network.

Fast-forward to 2019, Larry Celona is still working at the NY Post and still breaking exclusives:

He was the first to report Epstein's first "suicide attempt"

He was the first to report of Epstein's successful "suicide"

He was the first to release photos of Epstein's dead body


Homes of indigenous tribes are being destroyed as fires continue to rage.

What counts as a single fire? I just want to know the acreage, but every single outlet is reporting the same shit. X number of fires is a compeltely useless number. Are they campfires, or are they the size of Texas? I hate the MSM. I hate them so much.


What is going on? This article pretends that counting the number of fires is a meaningful way to quantify forest fires. This is completely idiotic, but I guess that's what I should expect from the MSM.


As of this writing, portions of the Amazon rainforest reportedly were still burning.

Is it no longer August? I fucking hate snopes.


The Amazon is on fire, but the photos you're seeing on social media don't show it.

Your mother is fake.


Special Forces training exercises -- including gunfire with blanks -- will be staged across 21 North Carolina counties starting Aug. 30. The Army is telling the public not to be alarmed.

They're training to fight US citizens.

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Thanks for disabling comments. Fox News is a bunch of cowards. I won't be voting for Trump because of fat ass Barr. I also will boycott the advertisers of Fox News because of the fake upvotes/downvotes. This is complete horseshit. It's God Damned Orwellian, but you're not tricking me you bunch of cunts.