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WHY???? Why is this framed in a way that posits women as victims of men, yet again? So sick of this shit. This is basically our culture the past few decades:

Men and woman are different and should be considered as distinct categories!

-WAA! The differences are practically non-existent, you just want to justify the patriarchy! TREAT US EQUAL!!!

Men and women are the same and hence we can address differences as being cultural while we conduct science and biology as if women and men are the same. (Therefore, a study group comprised of mostly men should do nothing to skew the results for both genders, as gender is meaningless.)

-WAA! Stop marginalizing women! Women have needs that are distinct from men!!! TREAT US DIFFERENT!! MEN ARE THE ANOMALY!!!

What is it with feminists that they get to have it every which way? No matter the situation they always make women the victim and men the perpetrators.

Yes, her point about gender differences are valid, but somehow she misses the part where the progressive dipshits that took over academia and the media, the brain-dead feminists, pushed us into this situation! For years it has been a landmine to even suggest that men and women should be considered biologically distinct categories! Researchers don't want to run afoul of the "woke" religion and hence they try not to touch gender at all!


Police officers have seized a haul of guns from the suspected leader of an American neo-Nazi group thought to be preparing for a “race war”, according to court documents. Detectives confiscated five rifles, three pistols and other gun components from Kaleb James Cole, a 24-year-old who has admitted being a member of the Atomwaffen Division.

I'll start fearing neo-Nazis when they start using their authority to deny due process and take property from people whom they consider a "red flag." But that's not even close to the reality we live in. Rather, the authoritarians to fear are those who target neo-Nazis who have committed no actual crime and then strip them of their property without due process. Those are the authoritarians in power, authoritarians abusing their power, and those are the authoritarians we should all be armed and ready to defend ourselves against.

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

FUCK OFF, CBS. The question isn't whether anyone is allowed to "lie," it is WHO HAS THE RIGHT TO DETERMINE WHAT IS A LIE? WHO determines what is "extremism" or "hate"? ARE YOU FUCKTARDS HONEST? Are you FUCKTARDS some kind of GODS? NO. You fucking assholes are part of the corrupt media machine who want to limit what the public can hear, to produce your fake narratives and then deprive the public of the full range of information necessary to judge those narratives.



Quayshawn Spencer, Robert S. Blank Presidential Associate Professor of Philosophy, explores the question "What kind of thing is race?" in his classes and research.

Let me guess, race is an irrelevant and unscientific idea perpetrated by white racists. However, race is also biologically relevant in that genetic research is racist and focusing too much on white people, hence failing to reveal genetic dissimilarities that could impact people of color.

So the usual, self-contradicting bullshit; the progressive agenda straining to make biological reality fit an ideology.

Race is real and race effects attributes that are substantive to civilization, like intelligence and impulse control.


"Imagine Trump tweeting this out and thinking it makes Speaker Pelosi look bad," Human Rights Campaign's Charlotte Clymer tweeted.

Look at this establishment propaganda, this fetid refuse from the swamp. In the good ole days the Democrats could huff and puff about the Republican war machine, then go quiet and do nothing when in power. The establishment Republicans could huff and puff about regulations and spending when out of power, then go quiet and continue all the usual spending when in power.

Since Trump has disrupted the usual war-mongering of the right it falls to the corrupt establishment of the left to help with the dirty work. Suddenly Pelosi and Schumer and all the other phonies are falling into line behind narratives straight from the neo-conservatives. They are suddenly the moral champions of the Kurds, parroting the propaganda lines of establishment Republicans.

Look at this Newsweek propaganda drivel. Apparently the reaction from Trump's tweet ranged from "praise" to "confusion he would share such a picture." Then a series of cherry-picked tweets juxtaposed with biased, anti-Trump comments to complete the propaganda.

Who can take this garbage seriously? I think the majority of the country has figured out the swamp is very real, the deep State is very real, the globalist agenda is very real, and most politicians are paid actors while most media are shills for the progressive, globalist agenda.

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The reason these idiotic stories turn into national news is because the media and academia have a culture that vilifies white people. In order to justify their idiotic victim religion they have to constantly keep white people on the back foot, on defense, as they parade "evidence" of the white boogieman.

When I was a teenager my friends and I were detained by the cops, hands on the cop car, frisked, and held for a surprisingly long period of time. Over nothing. A few years later I was walking with my father because that was his nightly exercise routine and cops detained us and put us through the "what are you doing here?" questions.

But I'm white, so I interpret this stuff as the police doing their job. If I were black I may attribute it to "racism." Also, if I were black and lived in a black neighborhood I'd probably have many more run-ins with the cops. After all, blacks commit violent crime at anywhere from 4 to 7 times the rate of other groups. Obviously that means the police are more commonly in black neighborhoods. Even outside of black neighborhoods cops are constantly on the lookout for black perpetrators because THEY COMMIT SO MANY FUCKING CRIMES.

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Gina is a pathetic panderer. People like her are a disgrace to science. She's the very definition of a demagogue, preaching the popular opinion to elevate her own status. Disgusting.

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Gina is a pathetic panderer. People like her are a disgrace to science. She's the very definition of a demagogue, preaching the popular opinion to elevate her own status. Disgusting.

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

I am a libertarian and it is extremely frustrating that libertarianism has been smeared with the open-borders position. Not that it isn't true that a majority of modern libertarians have taken an open-borders stance, they have. But so have conservatives! No matter what this or that conservative politician has said over the past few decades about immigration we all know they had no intention of doing anything about it. Illegal immigration got much worse under Bush Sr and Bush Jr! Same with many conservative think-tanks, focusing on things like prayer in schools, Clinton getting blow-jobs and gay marriage but often suspiciously silent regarding illegal immigration.

Conservatives should NOT be at odds with libertarianism. The liberty tradition IS the founding tradition of America. Historically, it was perfectly compatible with an exclusionary citizenship requirement. It is the only political party which would seem reasonable to our founding fathers. Jefferson and Madison would find the "conservatives" and "liberals" two different forms of big-government authoritarianism. At this point most of what the federal government does is unconstitutional, not to mention the loss of control over our own currency and the grotesque excesses of the military industrial complex. It is libertarianism that points the way back to our best traditions and in that sense it is libertarianism that is the most conservative!

There shouldn't be a libertarian party because conservatism and libertarianism should be aligned, and that would INCLUDE race realism and having real borders and appropriate citizenship laws. The blaming of libertarians by people like Tucker Carlson is scapegoating at it's worst. It mostly serves to pit what should be aligned peoples against each other, as if it is the fault of the libertarians that we have open borders. Again, the libertarians played their part but the conservatives are the ruling party and it was conservatives who did the real damage here.
Ronald Reagan understood the importance of libertarianism as the political party most representing our founding principles. Here is what he had to say about libertarianism:

"If you analyze it I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism. I think conservatism is really a misnomer just as liberalism is a misnomer for the liberals–if we were back in the days of the Revolution, so-called conservatives today would be the Liberals and the liberals would be the Tories. The basis of conservatism is a desire for less government interference or less centralized authority or more individual freedom and this is a pretty general description also of what libertarianism is."

But Ronald Reagan disappointed libertarians and governed like a conservative, appealing to the Republican base. So he must have fixed that immigration problem, right? No. Reagan passed an amnesty bill that legalized 3 million illegals. The bill passed in 1986 and gave amnesty to anyone who arrived before 1982. The supposed "enforcement" of our borders going forward completely failed. In fact, one of the most important provisions, one which held employers responsible for hiring illegals, was stripped from the bill before it was even passed!

But conservatives must have been furious that what Ronald Reagan passed was basically just amnesty with no true immigration control! Nope. Conservative Inc. did the same thing as Libertarian Inc. Bush Sr. came and went, then Bush Jr. came and went, and all conservatives managed to do was make illegal immigration into a tsunami that overwhelmed communities and laid waist to massive urban areas. Now you want to hang this on libertarianism as if libertarian think-tanks and politicians are more responsible than conservatives? What a joke.

As for Coulter, she's absolutely right. I have been telling people lately that Trump is likely no more than a temporary stop gap. Once the demographics shift, as they inevitably will, all of the gains made by Trump and generations of conservatives before him, are finished. They will be rolled back very fast in favor of an authoritarian welfare state.

The reason it is inevitable is because even if Trump completely stops illegal immigration and massively reduces legal immigration, our fate is sealed. Those illegals already here will receive amnesty, join with the millions who already were given amnesty, and our country is finished. To change our fate would require Trump to do three things, stop illegal immigration, massively reduce legal immigration, and send millions of people back. We'll be lucky to get the first two, but it's highly unlikely we'll get the third. So yeah, we're pretty much fucked.

I don't mean to be defeatist about this but if we don't get a grip, as Coulter is ranting about, everything is lost. That is no exaggeration. We will be a nation with a lower average IQ, higher welfare dependency, warring racial factions, and politics that will quickly resemble every South and Central American fuck-up of a country.


Parents need to understand how white supremacists prey on teen boys, so they can intervene.

This article is a perfect example of modern propaganda being regurgitated by a woman who is a true believer in the religion of woke. There is absolutely no honesty or proportion, just a dogmatic sense of self-righteousness as she repeats the anti-white, anti-alt-right talking points. There is hardly a single sentence in this that is not a distortion of the truth or a complete lie.

Perhaps the biggest lie of all is that white replacement is a "conspiracy theory" of "white supremacists." How much longer can such egregious lies go unchallenged when it is plainly obvious that white displacement is real? You can't have it both ways, bragging about how whites will soon be a minority in the USA, and every other nation that was once majority white, while simultaneously calling white displacement a "myth."

And the displacement is being forced, it is obviously the globalist elite who are flooding the borders of every white nation with non-white immigrants. They have already succeeded in transforming major cities, once crown jewels of the European peoples, into shitholes; i.e. Berlin, London and Paris.

Look at California, once a beacon of prosperity, a white paradise. As California became flooded with Mexicans and others from South and Central America the state became bankrupt. (In spite of this unchecked immigration being promoted as "good for the economy.") California is about the world's 7th largest economy and yet has been bankrupt for a couple decades now. Huge swaths of the State are places no white person would want to live in, for there is a voluntary, de facto racial segregation pitting whites, blacks, Hispanics and others, like Koreans, against each other. Community trust is down. Crime, homelessness and welfare dependency are way up.

California is no longer the golden paradise it once was. Rather, California resembles a third world country, where a wealthy elite live behind guarded walls to buffer themselves from the degraded, poor, drug-addled, indolent, "diverse" peoples that have resulted directly from loose immigration policies.

California is the future for every white nation. It is only a matter of time before the egalitarian lies of the progressive left pervade every home like a stench from a sewage overflow, making it nearly impossible for white people to continue believing the lies. At that point there will be a mass exodus into white identity and a mass release of anger at the delusional propagandists who have so diligently worked to destroy Western Civilization.