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Crossing Divides - Whiteness, white privilege, white supremacy: white people are now part of the race debate.

Wigger retard detected!


"It’s seen as this hipster posh vegan place by day and a Bristol University student party place by night"

It's certainly lucky that importing millions of 3rd worlders doesn't push anyone out!


Cardiff Aviation, the aircraft maintenance and training business located in South Wales, has announced it is changing its name to Caerdav, effective immediately. The name change reflects the company’s commitment to more closely integrating its training and maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) arms, and its intention to rapidly grow in the near future. The move […]

This is the kind of commercial genius that led to Royal Mail calling itself 'Consignia' for a while. Before ignominiously crawling back to it's old name but not without wasting plenty of money and time first.

Seriously, what was wrong with 'Cardiff Aviation'? It's a company based in Cardiff that operates in the aviation sector. That's it.

Now you've got to start all over again. Will people spell it right, will they pronounce it right, will they realise it's the same company?



Police are given extra time to question the driver on suspicion of murdering the eight women and 31 men.

The police and MSM are very free with their discussion of murder and the driver. Is this even murder? Manslaughter maybe, negligence, whatever but not really premeditated murder.

They're implying this guy drove up and murdered them all. Thats obvioulsy not what happened.


How can parents intervene when boys seem drawn into extremist internet culture - and should they?

BBC = anti-white media.


Investigators say they are considering whether the attack in north London was a hate crime.


So it wasn't politically motivated then? These people need to get their stories straight (if you'll pardon the expression Owen).


SHOCKING video footage from the Stevenage car crash shared online appears to capture the horror moment two boy racers ploughed into a crowd of onlookers during a car meet event.

It's more a case of people standing in the middle of the road than the drivers.


PC Avi Maharaj was alone at the family home of a dead child when he used their TV account to buy porn.

PC Avi Maharaj


The group of Israelis, aged from 15 to 20, has been remanded in custody.

Our greatest allies! Not.