SHOCKING video footage from the Stevenage car crash shared online appears to capture the horror moment two boy racers ploughed into a crowd of onlookers during a car meet event.

It's more a case of people standing in the middle of the road than the drivers.


PC Avi Maharaj was alone at the family home of a dead child when he used their TV account to buy porn.

PC Avi Maharaj


The group of Israelis, aged from 15 to 20, has been remanded in custody.

Our greatest allies! Not.


Trump supporters at a rally directed their chant at Ilhan Omar, a Somali-born lawmaker from Minnesota.

Send her back!


What are the roots of the women Trump told to "go back" - and how many Americans are from somewhere else?


The point is - white people built the nation of the USA. The rest of them are just hangers-on.


He's pulled off another master troll exercise. He's forced Pelosi to align herself with the un-electable fringe AOC. In other words the more mainstream Dems to align themselves with the deranged new blood.


Watch every episode of the Murdoch Murdoch show, read red-pilling books and discover other like-minded creators.

This seems so long ago now. Still, got to keep on keeping on.


When accusing someone of ignorance and recommending they seek further education, it’s generally best to ensure that you yourself are not lumping any false statements or basic grammatical errors in with your argument. In what could be one of the most glorious self-owns of the modern age, Brexit Party MEP for the South East, Robert Rowland, failed on both counts.

David 'Mastermind' Lammy couldn't school a paper bag.


Bragg also calls out the Killers’ Brandon Flowers for describing the former Smiths frontman as ‘a king’ despite controversies

"the British establishment is using Stormzy to promote multiculturalism at the expense of white culture"

Presumably Bill, your position is that's a good thing. Not sinking into a futile attempt to claim it's untrue.

“My first thought was to wonder what kind of websites Morrissey must be trawling in order to be able to find and repost this clip on the same day that it appeared online?”

Bill, there are these things called 'search engines'. You might want to read up on that before making yourself look like a tit.

Searching on a name or looking for recent phrases like "billy bragg is a complete cun...." might yield all sorts of interesting stuff.

"Morrissey has not responded to Bragg’s remarks. The Guardian has contacted the singer’s management for comment"

The utter hypocrisy. A more interesting question would be - Why hasn't Bragg responded to Morrissey's remarks? Bragg should, as he clearly has all the fucking answers.

"Institute for Strategic Dialogue"

And wtf might that be Billy boy?

And the names on there, oy vey, it echoes so loudly I'm surprised my next door neighbour hasnt got up and gone to work believing it to be his alarm clock.