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Recession = 2 consecutive quarters of GDP contraction.

So far, there have been ZERO.

What's a little hyperbole?


If the Dems believe that adding qualifications for office to elections, without a constitutional amendment is wise then, let's respond with a few of our own.

Anyone self identifying or having self identified as "a socialist", in the past, in public statement or discourse, is then disqualified for listing on statewide ballots.

Poof. New qualification for office in every Red state....

Good luck Dems...!!!!


Follows separate threat that "smoke will rise from Tel Aviv" as Israel mulls support to proposed joint maritime coalition in Persian Gulf. 

Would Iran dare to enact any attack upon Israel or their naval assets operating in the international waters of the gulf?


Their presence, with their flagged vessels, would prove rather politically damaging to Iran's pride and prestige though.

Maybe they should just hand back the British ships and their crew so that they aren't forced to explain the rather glaring public rebuke.


Reduced to its essence, Trump has flipped "checkbook diplomacy" which has been the general policy of the United States since WW2 (Incentives in exchange for loyalty, compliance, cooperation) and instead applied an "invoice diplomacy", which expects loyalty, compliance and cooperation in exchange for a somewhat reduced cost sharing for services rendered.

Those abusing the former "approach" resent but cannot argue the new balance of equities.

So they're responding with passive/aggressive "cooperation".

Trump isn't treating them unfairly.

It looks ugly but it's justified and LONG overdue.


“If Israel enters the Strait of Hormuz, it will be engulfed in the wrath of the region and its smoke will rise from Tel Aviv,”

Maybe, if Iran doesn't want the Israeli Navy, in boats, with guns, in near proximity to Iranians, it should consider RETURNING THE SHIP THEY JUST STOLE and promising that they've "learned how maps work".


"The US is being contained by China with China’s holding of its sovereign bonds... The U.S. is not completely without weakness."

Dump treasuries?

OK. Dollar drops, Yuan increases, Chinese exports, everywhere, get more expensive, US exports become radically cheaper, China loses industry and market-share and investment.

Kind of counterproductive, for China, but I encourage them to try it as soon as possible.


This boycott shows the world that there is a potential price to pay if a company’s values don’t mesh with its customers’ in some way.

The Nazi brownshirts LOVED boycotts. They conducted them all of the time. They conducted them for what they believed were for "moral reasons". They gathered outside and protested, and intimidated and even physically attacked patrons who didn't agree.

Perfect pattern for today's left to emulate.


"We need to phase out neonicotinoid pesticides to protect bees and other insects that are critical to biodiversity and the farms that feed us."    

Well, when you ban DDT, which bees collect and USE whenever they encounter it, there are bound to be "accidental" byproducts from what has been used to replace it.

Perhaps re-evaluating the embarrassingly poor science used to ban DDT decades ago might be worth some consideration.


On a daily basis, Morning Consult is surveying over 5,000 registered voters across the United States on President Trump. Each month, we’ll update this page with the latest survey data, providing a clear picture of Trump’s approval and re-election prospects.

Flashback--- 2016, and every poll (yes, EVERY) in every battleground state, indicated Trump trailing by between 3 and 13 points just prior to the election.

Trump won, Mi, WI, Oh, Pa, Fl...

But NOW there's a poll....?


Buckle up because the next sell-off could be even more violent, according to Nomura.

Just as they do with "polling data" while disregarding election returns, the Dems and their puppets in the media have been TRYING to push the "recession is about to happen" narrative.

Sad. Their only hope, lies in an economic apocalypse.

Maybe, if they wish just a little harder....