"When checking the documents, the passengers of the Nyonoksa-Severodvinsk train found three foreign citizens." 

"A promising propulsion system" which COULD release clouds of highly radioactive gas into the atmosphere of dozens of other countries, at high altitude if it experienced a rather likely failure.

Yikes. The planet sort of dodged a bullet (at least temporarily) with that test failure. Maybe giving it another good think before trying it again would be wise.


Elizabeth Warren's response at a CNN town hall dedicated to gay issues threatens her efforts to get votes of Americans who oppose gay marriage, which is likely something Trump would use against her in the general election.

Warren is the only fielded candidate for the Dems which has already been beaten in a battle of wits by Trump's thumbs.

Of course her nomination is preferred.


Last week's military parade previewed a series of game-changing weapons that could neutralize American seapower...

It's adorable how confident sounding this article makes the Chinese military seem.

They don't know. They don't understand what they don't know and more importantly, they don't understand what they THINK they know.

The US military is fine.


WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House declared Tuesday it will halt any and all cooperation with what it termed the "illegitimate" impeachment probe by House Democrats, sharpening the constitutional...

Step 1 then is--- Impeach.

Step 2-- Send impeachment to Senate.

Step 3--- Cue Laugh Track.

Step 4 --- Introduce Impeachment to shredder.


"As part of ongoing talent management, many store operating divisions are evaluating middle management..." 

Express contempt for half of the country unnecessarily. Make SURE you emphasize that contempt, publicly, then blame your unions for profits which aren't manifesting.

I'm afraid I'm going to fail to suspend disbelief here, for a little while.

I've not been shopping at Kroggers for reasons OTHER than your unionization policy.


"Some fanatical US hawks need to take a closer look at what the Chinese economy has achieved over the past 70 years, instead of devising crazy ideas about a US-China decoupling."

US-China: Stop stealing US IP. China-US: We CAN'T sustain our economy without that.

De-coupling is inevitable.


And among the key pieces of evidence in making the determination was - you guessed it - Elon Musk's Twitter account.

Tough to get past the political calculus. Who is more valued politically? Unions? Tesla and Elon Musk?

That imbalance will apply at state, local and federal levels.


The Massachusetts senator leads the former vice president by two percent.

The only Dem who already lost a battle of wits to Trump when he convinced her to commit political sepuku, with his thumbs.

What's the appropriate response to Dem primary voters?

Thank You?

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2019-31-Fr 06:31:37 am

The only Dems who already lost a battle of wits to Trump when he convinced her to commit political sepuku with his thumbs.

What's the appropriate response to Dem primary voters?

Thank You?


Blackface scandal?

What about the overt proven public corruption?

Seems like that's a pretty sound reason to eliminate Trudeau from government.


That chart is a remainer daydream.

Boris won't ask for an extension. Parliament (as currently constituted) will agree to NO POSSIBLE DEAL. Boris won't resign. Corbyn won't win a confidence vote.

The Deal will be submitted on the 17th or so...

Parliament will reject it.

Parliament will demand an extension. Johnson will refuse. They will try to force him. He will not resign. They will submit a confidence vote. Win or lose he has 14 days to form a new coalition. Time will lapse. Brexit happens. No deal, almost certainly.

It's already too late for the Remainers to stop it.