4 in 10 people believe POLITICIANS make better decisions about, how to spend what you earn, than YOU CAN?

Yeah. Something tells me they didn't really understand the question.


Republicans and especially Trump supporters view pollsters with contempt.

When there is a faction of respondents either refusing to participate or providing false information to pollsters, intentionally, then how reliable can the poll's results really be?

If someone's looking to polls for reassurance, then they already had a reason to doubt, and they were probably right.


First dehumanize then every act done, no matter how unjust or inhumane, becomes a moral one.

I wonder how many Dems realize that if they continue down the road they've chosen, they are choosing a conflict of mutually exclusive existence.

If you can't differ in peace, someone will rest in peace, and it may not be the ones they hope.

Stop this before it goes ANY further.


People increasingly see the environmental crisis as a national priority, says former Guardian environment editor John Vidal

Politicians CAN control the weather, with taxes.

All of those ascribing to such nonsense deserve the opportunity to embrace their beliefs and demonstrate its folly so that others may learn from their mistakes.


America's baby bust isn't over. The nation's birth rates last year reached record lows for women in their teens and 20s, a government report shows, leading to the fewest babies in 32...

No mention of REGIONAL variations?

Texas versus California? Kentucky versus Massachusetts? North Carolina versus New Jersey?

There ARE variations and they are stark.

Might be worth considering (or just mentioning)


Simple solution. Block facebook and any of their other entities in Italy. If they can't stay out of politics, then they should be banned from political affect.


"The White House might as well try to call on American companies such as General Motors, Ford, Apple, McDonald's and Coca-Cola to leave China."

The author of this tripe sort of missed the variations in leverage. Let's look at that shall we?

US exports to China: 100 billion US GDP: 20 Trillion Leverage: 0.5% (one half of 1% of US GDP)

Chinese exports to the US: 535 billion Chinese GDP (if you take them at their word): 12.3 Trillion US Leverage over China: 4.3% of Chinese GDP.

Of course this excludes IP theft which shifts the balance even further.

So in conclusion, not the same economic risks. China faces something quite dire and the US faces almost nothing.

Buckle up.


Revolutionary Guards chiefs dismiss US 'psychological war,' say aircraft carrier deployed to region not a threat, but a target; 'If they make a move, we will hit them in the head'

The US won't attack first. They will attack last, though.


“I think that China felt they were beaten so badly in the recent negotiation that they may as well wait around for the next election,” Trump said Saturday in a pair of early-evening tweets. Trump’s comments came a day after talks between the two economic superpowers ended without a resolution, the U.S

Can China be trusted?


Then what deal could possibly be reached?

Work on severing all trade, not negotiating a deal.


ATTACKER Jazzmin Fry slashed Kyle Johns, 19, with her heel in a random attack in Brisbane, Australia. She avoided a conviction and was instead handed a £134 fine.

Were the roles reversed, this man would have been sent to prison for years.

This verdict, is insane.