Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants black and brown communities to get coronavirus reparations, because a history of inequality has left them at higher risk of suffering from the deadly virus.

The village idiot is at it again.


The only way to get a job at the UN is to demonstrate your commitment to the idea of a one-world Communist government.


Georgia House Speaker David Ralston says emergency efforts to send a mail-in ballot to every state voter would be 'devastating' to the party and cost the GOP control of the legislature.

Vote harvesting, illegal votes, cemetery votes and destroying the Electoral College. The four pillars of the Democrats election strategy.


Physicians' online platform Sermo asked doctors around the world about range of coronavirus topics. They said US test times lag behind other countries, and most expect a second wave.

I hope those left wing cunts on Twatter who have been sneeringly using #Trumppill do the right thing and refuse to take Hydroxychloroquine when they catch the Chinese Coronavirus that is rampant in their liberal shithole cities.

Same goes for the lying MSM shitbags like Fredo. Do the right thing and refuse the medical treatment you've been mocking.


Deaths rose by 1,047 on Wednesday - the deadliest 24 hours anywhere in the world - and continued to rise throughout the day on Thursday, bringing the total to 5,647 across the United States.

Except that just one city in China - Wuhan - had an estimated 30,000 - 45,000 deaths.

Daily Fail has been kissing China's ass again.


That escalated quickly. Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) found herself in hot water on Twitter Tuesday with her reaction to President Trump warning the next two weeks would be “very painful” in the COVID-19 Chinses coronavirus crisis. Omar posted an Islamic saying, “Subhanallah!” that some interpreted as praise, rather than an expression of shock. Advertisement…
  • Bigamy
  • Incest
  • Immigration fraud
  • Taxation fraud
  • Campaign fraud
  • Perjury

When is she getting arrested?


Health authorities in Victoria confirmed the woman in her 60s had become the sixth COVID-19 fatality in the state on Thursday afternoon.

In Australia:

0.019% have been infected. Which means 99.981% have not been infected.

.00000923% have died. Which means 99.99999077% have not died.

The whole economy has been destroyed. Many hundreds of thousands out of work. The stock market has crashed. Many small to medium businesses will fail. And the nation will no doubt experience a significant economic downturn with unemployment as high as 32%.


Detective chief Inspector Caroline Goode, discovered the body of Banaz Mahmod, 20 in a Birmingham garden in 2006. She documents the quest for justice in a new book.

Do you remember the massive feminist protests about this case & the backward culture that treats women like this?

Me neither.

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Do you remember the massive feminist protests about this case, & the backward culture that treats women like this?

Me neither.


ANTHONY SELDON: Few people appreciate that Britain has embarked on one of the greatest educational and social experiments in our history.

Yeah! Who is going to push LGBTPEDO down children's throats if they are home schooled?

Who will be able to carry on with the pedo - tranny grooming process?

Who will ensure that Marxism and a hatred of the West is installed in all those young minds?

No wonder he is upset.


The Opposition is demanding an explanation from Daniel Andrews after police allegedly allowed up to 30 guests celebrate a Melbourne wedding at the weekend despite social distancing rules.

In PC Victoria, normal laws and rules don't apply to Muslims.