There's a new Sheriff in town. She blonde, cute and full of truth!

Warning to leftist liberals. I know, the truth hurts!


A helicopter crashed and burst into flames early Sunday in Southern California as "multiple" fatalities were reported.

We lost a legend! Kobe Bryant Dead at age 41. Helicopter crash.


Virginia's Lobby Day against the state's gun control bills attracted thousands of gun rights activists. The governor issued a state of emergency banning all weapons.

ABC News and the rest of the far left media, are disappointed that the 2A Rally - was peaceful and without incident!

We are happy to disappoint you!


Threats of violence, including claims of a militia storming Virginia's Capitol and protesters weaponizing drones, have put federal and state authorities on high alert ahead of Monday's gun-rights rally.

Patriots! If you're going to attend this rally! Have you cameras ready!

You know the Fake Stream Media will blame anything that happens on Trump supporters!

Don't let these Tyrants the opportunity to spread lies! Capture all angles!


Media remains silent after CNN settles lawsuit with Covington teen

They do, because their turn is coming!


Six Democrats clashed on the smallest debate stage yet in Iowa, only 20 days before caucusgoers across the Hawkeye state are set to cast the first votes of the primary.

Not one of these idiots have a drop of President in them! Trump 2020!


The Senate is days away from kickstarting a trial that will determine whether President Donald Trump should stay in office. A look at what happens next and what to watch.

How we got there?

Come on ABC News, tell the truth on how we got here!

All made up - Lies

Come on now, you can do it!


Dearborn police are investigating reports of a man in the women's restroom at Macy's in Fairlane Mall.

Man allegedly caught pleasuring himself in women's restroom at Macy's in Dearborn.

The way this story is reported cracks me up!

They talk about "How the women, got away" Maybe because he had his hands full????

There are so many words and innuendos that will have you laughing about this story. Watch the video!


GOD I Hate ABC News! Any story they can muster up against Trump, they'll run it! Scum bag, trash!


Police in Los Angeles arrested a man last week they said attempted to kidnap a 6-year-old girl while she was sitting at a restaurant with her family, reports said. 

One bullet between the eyes. Saves thousand of tax payer dollars!