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Please fix your fucking search engine. It scares of a lot of people.

Sweden's Role In The Genocide Of White South Africa's | Karma's A Bitch Part 1

White men are so fucking weak.


The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh were joined by Prince William and wife Kate for lunch today as the Royal Family enjoy their usual summer break in Balmoral, Scotland following a turbulent week.

Lets not forget about Charles and his good friend Savile.



Words out of a 'teachers' mouth shouldn't be taken seriously in this day and age.

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2019-39-Fr 01:39:44 pm

Another words out of a 'teachers' mouth shouldn't be taken seriously in this day and age.


I grabbed a wine-cooling sleeve from the freezer and wrapped it around my penis

No wonder westerners are seen as pathetic and weak in the savage worlds.


THE Titanic is in a “shocking” state, according to deep-sea divers who have visited the shipwreck for the first time in 15 years.

But what has Thunberg to say about the matter?


Billionaire industrialist David Koch, a major donor to conservative causes and a lightning rod for critics, has died.

Seems like there's a massive die-off atm.


Most of us will choose between ketchup or mayonnaise to go with our chips. But now the two have been married in the form of a new product - and it's coming to the UK.

The depts people are willing to stoop to is beyond comprehension.






Prince William, Kate Middleton and their children took the 8.45am economy FlyBe flight from Norwich to Aberdeen this morning.

Thunberg pleased.


The group, who appear to be mainly men, were pictured in life jackets on the back of a Border Force boat in Dover this morning.

Dont reward them, deport them!!!!!