The NFL argues it is correct to assume black players have lower "cognitive skills" and thus are entitled to less compensation for brain injuries.


I guess they only like to be woke sometimes.


Cheney told CNN several GOP members of Congress feared for their safety in the lead-up to February's vote to impeach Trump for inciting the Capitol riot.

As they all should be.


Tucker Carlson meets up with Greg Kinman, the man behind popular firearms YouTube channel Hickok45, to get a deeper understanding of the AR-15 rifle and its functionality.

The 2A was meant to put "weapons of war" into the hands of every day Americans, how else would a militia complete it's duty if their weapons are not on par or above any near peer threats they may face. The 2A also made it clear that the US government should be considered a near peer threat, so yea I believe that Billy Bob should be allowed to mount a Gau 50 to his pickup truck and John Doe should be allowed to own a Nuke, nothing would make our adversaries and ne'er-do-well's think twice like having a possible Nuke hanging over their heads. The 2A was the original MAD doctrine which, as the cold war showed, is a supremely effective strategy.


Now that a judge has rejected the National Rifle Association’s bankruptcy bid, blocking its plan to reincorporate in Texas, the gun rights group is back to fighting a lawsuit that threatens to put it out of business. Harlin Hale, a federal bankruptcy judge in Dallas, dismissed the NRA's case Tuesday. What does that mean for the NRA and America's long-running battle over guns?

I find it hard to feel bad for them, they've screwed us multiple times and now want us to help them? nah I'm good, I'll stick with the GOA and NAGR.


Rockim Prowell, 30, allegedly used a life-like white man mask with fake hair and glasses to diguise himself during dozens of burlglaries. He was arrested on May 2 after being pulled over by cops.


I've gotten into so many arguments with pavement apes about this very thing, many believe that White guys are running around in masks like these in Detroit and Chiraq and framing other porch dwellers of crimes they "didn't" commit. I point out to them that you would still be able to tell it's a mash when they person tried to talk because not many people have the patience let alone skill to use the movie prop glue to adhere that mask properly at all needed points to make it truly hard to tell, and masks wouldn't explain why these perps were caught with the hot guns and powder burns on their hands/ clothes.


Alireza Fazeli Monfared, 20, was allegedly taken by the three male members of his family to the village of Borumi, western Iran, and beheaded after they found out he was gay.



More than 100 Republicans will sign a letter Thursday threatening to create a third party if the GOP doesn't "break" with former President Trump, Reuters first reported.Why it matters: Per Axios' Mike Allen and Jim VandeHei, Trump's grip on the GOP has gotten stronger since the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. The Republican Party's "allegiance to Trump" as he continues to make false claims about his 2020 election loss has "dismayed" the group, according to Reuters.Stay on top of the latest market trends and economic insights with Axios Markets. Subscribe for freePer the New York Times, the letter's preamble will state, "When in our democratic republic, forces of conspiracy, division, and despotism arise, it is the patriotic duty of citizens to act collectively in defense of liberty and justice."The letter is due to be released one day after House Republicans are expected to vote on ousting Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) from her position as conference chair.For the record: The letter's signatories include former "governors, members of Congress, ambassadors, cabinet secretaries, state legislators and Republican Party chairmen," per the Times, citing co-organizer Miles Taylor.What they're saying: "This is us saying that ... the situation has gotten so dire with the Republican Party that it is now time to seriously consider whether an alternative might be the only option, said Taylor, the Trump-era Department of Homeland Security official who wrote an anonymous NYT op-ed on the administration.Taylor also tweeted: "My philosophy on GOP extremists: if you won't join 'em, beat 'em. Come fight with us."The other side: Jason Miller, a spokesperson for Trump, tweeted: "These losers left the Republican Party when they voted for Joe Biden."Representatives for the Republican Party did not immediately respond to Axios' request for comment. Like this article? Get more from Axios and subscribe to Axios Markets for free.

I hope to God they do it, I've been trying to lay the ground work in my friends and family (with plans to expand to my community) to get them to stop voting for someone just because they sport and R. I've been archiving and saving all their misdeeds and what they've said to help primary them, I've also set up an alt account on twatter to 'get in good' with extremist lefties to spread a rumor that these rino's cheated to get in should they have won in 2022/2024.

I sincerely hope this happens because it will play out better for us than trying to oust rino's the hard way, with any luck this happens and we can change the GOP for the better.


During a recent episode of At Home With The Robertsons, Willie and Korie discussed the effects violent video games can have on children.

This is the dumbest shit I've read in a long time.


One law gives immunity to drivers who run over protesters, another makes it a felony to damage flags or statues.This is NOT what democracy looks like.

The left: "ThEy ArE aTtAcKiNg OuR rIgHt To PrOtEsT"

Also the left: "We need to completely stomp on peoples 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendment rights to feel safe."

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The left: "ThEy ArE aTtAcKiNg OuR rIgHt To PrOtEsT" Also the left: "We need to completely stomp on peoples 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendment rights to feel safe."


Republican Mitch McConnell is taking a starring role in the fight against a Democratic elections bill

This is why the R's want to be in the minority, they can then garner all these headlines to make it look like they give a shit.