Monalisa and Kip Harding, both 53, from San Jose, California, homeschooled all 10 of their children. They knew they were on the right track after their first three kids graduated high school by 11.

Not surprised, I was home schooled until I was in the eighth grade when doctors threatened my parents with losing me and my three younger brothers if we weren't sent to a public school. I spent my entire time there sleeping, goofing off and doodling while still pulling in A's and purposely aiming for some B's so I didn't draw too much attention. Public school was so far behind what my Mother taught me that I only started having trouble in the last third of my senior year when my county required us to take another and more difficult math course, that was the only time I dropped to B's and C's with most of my problem being that I spent three and a half years messing around and being out of the habit of studying.


A Kenosha County jury acquitted Kyle Rittenhouse of all charges against him, finding the teenage gunman acted in self-defense when he fatally shot two men and wounded a third.

Good! maybe these fuckers will start learning that by acting like a bunch of psycho's will get you shot by both the police and citizenry.


Rep. Cori Bush believes that if 18-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse walks, white supremacists will be emboldened to shoot at BLM protesters. 

So? Black Supremacists are constantly shooting Whites, a little pay back is well over due.


Infowars: There's a War on for your Mind!

He won't cry, but I sure as fuck will laugh my ass off.

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He won't cry, but I sure as fuck will laugh my ass off,


Farmworkers are suing their former employer after they were replaced by imported, foreign workers on the H-2A visa program. 

Wow it's almost like all these big companies and government officials want slaves again, since these illegals don't have US citizens rights they figure they can treat them as close to slaves as possible. Sure they get paid but everyone agrees that even though China 'pays' it's people to work they are still in a form of slavery since they are getting paid a dollar a day in some cases, so how is that any different here? yet you retarded fucks go by your feel instead of reals.


KENOSHA, Wis. -- The prosecution in the Kyle Rittenhouse case, led by Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger, will seek to

Suddenly they realize that the bar was set too high and there is no way they can make their case, so now they want charges with lower standards to hopefully get something to stick. I hope the judge tells him to pound sand and get fucked for even going after a kid, who anyone that was being honest with themselves could see from any of the videos that he was being CHASED from the very beginning.


Sen. Ted Cruz said that if Democrats 'fundamentally destroy the country,' that Texas should secede from the US and form its own nation.


As far as I'm concerned all the red states should band together, secede and start our own union. Block all water and food going to blue states unless they pay a MASSIVE tax for it, just tell all the national guards to work with and train up militias in each state and patrol the borders.


Special counsel John Durham's investigation into how Democrats, during the Barack Obama administration and behind the leadership of the failed Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016, came up with the now-debunked Russian collusion claims against President Trump, has started handing down indictments, and obtaining convictions.

What credibility? they haven't had any for the last three decades.


ZeroHedge - On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero

Until I see cities or States allowing machine guns, as they would be covered under the 2A, I'll consider them Constitution-lite sanctuary's.


Michael Brown asks, 'Can we help educate one another and fill in each other's blind spots?'

So are blacks going to start teaching that the Ashanti Empire (now Ghana) were one of the biggest suppliers to the Atlantic slave trade? Are they also going to teach that the trope of Whites running through the jungle capturing people was actually extremely rare and that the super majority of blacks sold into slavery were captured by their own neighboring villages?

Will they also teach about the Berbers who were slavers and pirates from North Africa's Barbary coast went around raiding and enslaving Whites? How a boat full of Algerian pirates raided Irelands village of Baltimore which decimated the population so bad that it was an uninhabited village for several generations.

Will they teach how roughly 3% of the slave ended up in the US while South American countries and Muslim countries took the lions share of slaves? I would also like to know if they will teach how Whites who owned slaves were a little less than 2% of the total White population but blacks who owned slaves fluctuated between 1.1 and 1.3% of the total black population.

Will children be taught how in the 1860's many of the black women in Charleston, South Carolina owned over 70% of the slaves in the city and had used those slaves to start many successful businesses? or how the black slave owner Anthony Johnson is the whole reason slavery in America went from something that was a temporary thing which would end with you getting a homestead by the end of your indenture to a life time of slavery after Anthony Johnson took it him to court and won the case to make servitude life long?

There are many things that children aren't taught about slavery, most of it is just how much blacks had a hand in it and that while Whites have acknowledged it and condemned it, blacks are never held account able for their part in it and White victims of black slave owners and black slavers don't even make it as a footnote in academia.