I really hate to say this but when is enough... enough?

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I cannot wait until the Dems lose Bigley in 2020. I hope it completely destroys their debt ridden, lying, manipulative party along with the fraudulent mainstream media. It cannot come son enough.

Note: I did not even vote for Trump in the previous election. After all the lies from the left politicians, media, big tech.... I will never forget to do so in the future.


A migration deal will allow immigration authorities to send asylum seekers to Honduras and prevent them from reapplying in the U.S., a report says.

You can generally tell the media companies afraid of the American public by f they do or do not have comments. USA today use to have comments but I find most involving politics do not..... I wonder why.


The star dispenses with platitudes as she accepts Billboard's woman of the decade award.

As long as these people keep making money they will keep trying to influence. The issue I find with it all is that I think eventually we may find out they did not actually make that much money at all. That it is a house of cards that eventually falls down because they are trying to convince people that everyone else believe X,Y,Z... (insert nonsense cause here). I am thinking along the lines of Disney buying their own tickets to movies, merchandise, ect to try and make a market using the band wagon effect and hide their bad investments because most folks are not drinking their propaganda koolaid.

These folks like Swift are just a spokesperson for the globalist agenda. The agenda seems to include man hate, "Climate Change" changed from "Global Warming" (they hop back and forth on it), the break up of the family unit, instituting communism in the West, Gun confiscation, ect ect ect (insert Far left talking points).

when the house of cards finally falls on this fraud I just hope we remember full well who stood where. It just sucks waiting...


White House lawyers briefed President Trump in late August about the complaint, people familiar with the matter said.

"Trump Knew of Whistle-Blower Complaint When He Released Aid to Ukraine"

...Who cares? and what does that matter?

You losers in the MSM and deep state have been trying all you can to get rid of Trump even before he took office. All it has done is show more and more people how horrible and manipulative you are. You folks are not even good at lying any more. You do not even put much efforts in your lies. At least put your heart into it. Pathetic

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"Trump Knew of Whistle-Blower Complaint When He Released Aid to Ukraine"

...Who cares? and what does that matter?

You losers in the MSM and deep state have been trying all you can to get rid of Trump even before he took office. All it has done is show more and more people how horrible and manipulative you are. You folks are not even good at lying any more. You do not even try to lie. Pathetic


President Trump's Ukraine misdeeds do not rise to the level of an impeachable offense. A resolution of censure that condemns Trump’s conduct would allow a polarized nation to reestablish a common standard of ethical behavior in office that his devious recklessness has jeopardized.

What a bunch of losers.

I cant wait until Trump wins again in 2020. I did not vote for him in 2016 but now regret that choice and teh funny part is that the MSM has convinced me to do so.

Good job losers. Not only that but I will never ever ever think of voting for anyone in the Democratic party ever again. The way the Dems play big money bullshit lies while holding hands with the MSM is disgusting to say the least. Every damn news article the same words same narrative.

absolutely disgusting. I hope the those that have lied for decades all get what they deserve.


Melania Trump's Be Best initiative seeks to raise awareness about the opioid abuse crisis, which is resposible for tens of thousands of fatal drug overdoses in the United States each year.

Its horrible how these adults cannot see how TDS has affected their children. I mean think about all the horrible people who taught their children intolerance through the years and this is what you want to teach your kids? I truly believe these sort of Sycophants that would allow their hate to permeate so much that their children pick up on it and act on it will find themselves on the wrong and losing side of history. If nothing else this is incredibly classless for the school and any adults in attendance. For Christ sake she is talking about the horrors of opiod use for crying out loud. Who the hell is pro opiod abuse?

From the article, "Melania Trump was loudly booed as she was introduced at the B’More Youth Summit on Opioid Awareness at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

And the boos continued as she thanked a host for “the warm introduction,” and began speaking to the audience, which was comprised primarily of middle school and high school students."


Two cinema chains pull the film after a fight broke out at a Vue cinema in Birmingham on Saturday.

In the article a twitter user states "There was literally a mass shooting during The Dark Night Rises and that wasn’t pinned on White people and their media wasn’t banned? Absolute joke."

The issue is in the frequency not the skin color. The article stated that a representative from one of the movie chains stated, "Vue says the decision to withdraw the film "was not one taken lightly or without careful consideration".

It says the film opened across 60 of its sites on Friday, but during the first 24 hours over "25 significant incidents were reported and escalated to senior management in 16 separate cinemas".

"This is the biggest number we have ever seen for any film in a such a short time frame.""

The difference summed up for those lacking mentally: There was A.... singular in regards to dark knight rises.(As horrible as it was for certain)

There were 25 significant incidences in 24 hours of this movie.

Christ there was issues in regards to theaters showing the new joker movie and nothing had happened at all? They just had concern based on bias left wing reporting that was... wrong.

Unfortunately it is the bad actors that ruin it for everyone.

I imagine these businesses love making money. They also do not like losing move. So, if they notice a particular bad trend within 24 hours of a movie opening no one should blame them for not showing the movie.

The movie chains are not racist because they do not want the burden of showing a particular film. They just do not want the added liability. Blame the conduct of those that cause the issues unless you have info that points to anything that is actual evidence of any racism or wrong doing.

Not everything is an -ism.


This statement in this article is just not true, "Trump told “Fox & Friends” that “there was no quid pro quo,” in his efforts to push Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy to open investigations of former Vice President Joe Biden and his son’s dealings in Ukraine.

The president’s assertion is at odds with sworn testimony by impeachment witnesses."

I have been watching the hearings. I have seen a great deal of them. NO WITNESS was able to provide any evidence that Trump asked for a quid pro quo or a bribe or any other made up allegation (Although Joe Biden has admitted it on video???). In fact, Sondland had stated that Trump had actually said in his actual voice that he wanted nothing in return other than for the newly elected Ukranian president to do the right thing. Further more, Sondland had stated Trump at no time ever asked for a quid pro quo or a bribe or anything.

The craziest part of this is that they do not care if you have been watching this issue for yourself. You are not their target audience. The Lame Stream Media's audience are the lazy ill informed and the leftist sycophants. This is absolutely a conspiracy. At the highest levels of our society. This is a battle that must be won because I do not know if there will ever be another chance to put the globalists on trial.

If these folks think their lies and deceit will not come back to haunt them and that they will not suffer any consequences they are quite wrong.


Television audiences for the show have slumped and the brand said its marketing needs to "evolve".