More out of context video.

I can deduce pretty well what happened:

BLM/ANTIFA threw the scooter into the path of the car to stop it so the rioters could harass and possible shoot the driver. Passenger hops out, throws the scooter, and the driver continues driving as rioters jump on their car in an attempt to stop them/frame them.

Get the fuck out of the streets if you don't want to get up close and personal with it.


The JumpStart Tax is a blow to Amazon, which fought the passage of a so-called head tax in 2018 via a well-financed referendum campaign alongside other Seattle businesses.

And just like that Amazon began planning its exit from Seattle.


The actor strongly criticises people who don't wear face coverings amid the coronavirus pandemic.

If only I cared what Tom Hanks thinks.


Twitter users reacted with a mixture of horror and derision to a quote from Pence spokeswoman Katie Miller — wife of White House senior adviser Stephen Miller —

Pro-Child Rape leftists screech because Katie Miller doesn't feel bad that children being brought here illegally aren't allowed to enter the country with people who may be using them as an immigration shield.

The NYT used to report on that trafficking when Obama was actually putting kids in cages but stopped once Orange Man came on the scene. Now better conditions are literally death camps!

This article is 90% twitter reactions from leftist spergs who were happy to see kids in cages just five years ago.

If you want to read this garbage:


Elijah Schaffer, host of Slightly Offensive posted a tweet Monday afternoon that revealed the anti-right wing bias of PayPal. Screenshots from an internal PayPal meeting held on Zoom showed one screen that posted examples of accounts that the payment processing […]

"White advocacy"

Yeah can't have people advocating for whites.


And you can point to that Tweet anytime someone says that they aren't trying to indoctrinate children as Trump said.


Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt has warned all of Victoria could be locked down again if an outbreak in Melbourne can't be contained. More than 40 suburbs are now locked down.

Hope you got all the guns.


The comedian asks a hard but honest question of Americans who refuse to let statues fall.

Bad People?

Like a crack dealer or gangbangers? Like rabid racists?

Disavow Jay Z, Snoop, Dr Dre, and the rest of the criminals who rapped their way to millions and mainstream acceptance.


The victims included a young father who was shot while holding hands with his 6-year-old daughter in the Bronx.

You did it NYC!

In less than a 7 years you undid two decades of positive work!

Nice job! Another win for the left! Another win for communism!


Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, a close friend of Melania Trump and a former adviser to the East Wing, will release a memoir detailing her friendship with the first lady this fall.


Bolton's Big Book of Bitching landed with a thud so...who cares?