Korean fans claim the drama's meaning has been "botched" for English-speaking viewers.

"That translation puts more emphasis on the wealth disparity in society"

That is interpretation and opinion, not unexpected from the biased hacks that the BBC laughingly hires as "objective" journalists. I'll make my own interpretation, thanks, BBC, I don't need you to be a critic, I just need you to not exist, because you are biased liars and thieves.


Boris Johnson says the police do a "wonderful job" - but must do more to tackle violence against women.

"The PM promised to fix a "snarled-up system" which had produced too few successful rape prosecutions."

How the FUCK does he know it is "too few"!? Have you suddenly turned psychic now Boris? You know which of the accusers lied, or how many of them?

I am seriously getting fucking pissed off with the mangina "Boris" has become.

He now sounds like something out of the Labour Party Conference.

"Boris Johnson has urged the public to "trust in the police" but also acknowledged problems in how violence against women and girls is tackled."

What's your stance on the fact that the genital mutilation of baby boys is STILL LEGAL in this country, you fucking coward? How about "acknowledging problems" in how THAT crime is tackled? The hypocrisy is sickening.


People share with the BBC the moment they knew they had lost their loved one to QAnon.

I'm fucking dying with laughter here! BBC thinks they are so hip lmfao! What next, GamerGate secretly planned 9/11? BBC, given how much you are associated with the protection of paedophilia, I'd keep VERY quiet about these sorts of conspiracy theories, OK? (Pretending like QAnon was a big thing, outside of one random loonjob, fucking pathetic!) LMAO


Recordings emerge of Michael Gove using using racist, sexist and homophobic language 30 years ago.

A lot can change in 30 years BBC. eg 30 years ago the licence fee was considered acceptable.


The California resort's old name contained a slur offensive to Native American women.

It's all bullshit. It should have kept its name. And I don't give a fuck who that offends, they are probably woke losers - and yes I include the "Native American" objectors in that. I bet there are a ton of them who consider this a totally lame move.

Feel free to relive your history because you IGNORE it, fucking morons.

As for the resort, let's hope they go broke.


The BBC Sounds and Radio 2 commission has been criticised for not having a black host.

Fantastic, hope you dumb fucks continue to shoot yourselves in the foot. Your ideology is fucking poison - can't wait for cancel culture to envelop the BBC. You morons encouraged this crap, time to reap the benefits, scum.


The BBC's Moscow correspondent files her final despatch after more than 20 years reporting in Russia.

Zero sympathy. This isn't even news, the BBC is just trying to make it news so they can play the victim. Cry me a river.


Shein said it did not fund or approve adverts that suggested some ethnic minorities need not apply.

Patients at the Royal Liverpool Hospital tell BBC North West Tonight about being ill with Covid.

Fuck off with this propaganda! From somebody who is vaccinated but is sick of the BBC's very obvious fear-mongering propaganda.


In August 2011 a man was shot dead by police in London, triggering the worst civil unrest in decades.

The people quoted in italics are, BBC's words, "the rioters". Just so you know those words are from the absolute scum of the earth. The riots were not justified in the slightest - easy to tell this considering they ended as soon as all the shops were properly looted. These people are thugs. So was Mark Duggan. Sue me.