California will have "Flex Alerts" through Labor Day, and residents will be asked not to charge electric vehicles at certain times.

And you want to add 50 million Electric cars charging to this grid?


During his Tuesday speech in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, President Joe Biden again threatened his political enemies via the mention of F-15 jets. 

Dont the SEALS have a standing order to take out the president if he becomes hostile to his own people? Pretty sure Kennedy set this standing order when he created them.


Voters do not have a high opinion of President Biden's handling of illegal immigration, as half alone say he has done a "poor" job.

News FLASH!! Half the people taking a poll are fkn idiots and hate their own country so much they want to paint it black.

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2022-59-Th 09:59:03 am

News FLASH!! Half the people taking a poll are fkn idiots and hate their own country so mush they want to paint it black.


South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem (R) said Wednesday on FNC's "Fox & Friends" said the Justice Department and FBI can not be trusted to be honest about the materials seized in the FBI raid of former President Donald Trump's Florida estate. | Clips

Shes dead on. Kinna Hot too :D


Nelson Mandela’s grandson criticized Meghan Markle for comparing her wedding to the anti-apartheid leader’s release from prison

Apartheid- Imagine the children of the people who built a mighty nation from a damn mud hole getting to reap the benefits of their parents hard work.

Mandela arrested? Naw he should not have been. He should of been expelled from the country as any person not an ancestor of its builders that were any thing but grateful for the opportunities given to them by better men.

Markle is trash, her husband is a cuck and its a cryn shame. I had hope hed be different like dear old mum.


Ms Coulter went from writing a gushing book about the president to calling him a ‘lazy ignoramous’

WTF O.o?

THis is sad. I learned allot reading her books.


A man who works for the Federal Bureau of Investigation was arrested and charged with molesting multiple children.


You mean one of them got caught and it did NOT get swept under the rug? Musta pissed off one of his satanic superiors.


Google is blocking Truth Social, former President Donald Trump’s social media network, from its app store due to concerns over its content moderation policy.

Censorship is evil. Any one who supports it deserves a bullet. Liberty for ALL!


It's the latest evidence of the toll the pandemic took on Americans' health.

Just getting started. The clot shots gonna kill hundreds of millions over time.


You got vaxed? DUMB ASS ..I.. Natural selection at work.