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Fun fact: Spotify is partially owned by Tencent, a $500 billion Chinese censorship company controlled by the CCP which also has multimillion dollar stakes in Reddit, Epic Games, Discord, Tesla, and many others.

They also own WeChat, a key piece of the Chinese mass surveillance apparatus whose recent efforts in the arena of "contact tracing" will surely inspire pizza-related politicians and the commie ball-licking CEOs of Silicon Sarlaac Pit companies in the near future.

"A ['Health Cloud'] mini-app embedded in Alipay or WeChat rates people as red, yellow, or green risks. To enter an apartment complex or a market, residents must scan a QR code at a manned checkpoint, letting the system know where they are and producing a one-time color code pass to show the guard."

Joe didn't blow up the Death Star as much as he traded it in for a new one staffed by Swedes and Chinamen.

The real Chad move would have been deleting YouTube, moving to Texas like he threatened, and starting his own competing alt-tech, censorship-free platform.


Well since Trump and Barr can't be bothered to defend us from this endless censorship from Communist Valley, it's up to everyday heroes like Joe Rogan. We need to support joe because they're going to turn their big guns on him now.

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