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Officers like Stuart Scheller and Paul Douglas Hague, individuals with principle and loyal to the US, should be the ones in charge in the US military. General Milley and individuals like him should be forced out like 5 mins ago. If your generals are willing to help the foreign nations in "peace time" by giving them warnings, just imagine them in "war time" when their sanity is at the point of breaking. When their sanity breaks, the effectiveness of the US military will be royally fucked.

Sure I may not be able to post on CensorTube any more, but that also means I do not have to worry about watching my language either. You freed me from my own self censorship. Thanks I guess. If we are judged after we die, what I said may have been politically incorrect, but I can stand by what I said. At least it was THE TRUTH from observations and wisdom. Will the people preventing me to speak stand by their actions when their judgement comes?

ADVANCED WARNING⚠️ - If you download this off CensorTube, you WILL get a file that is less then 1,000 kb. Unless the file is super compressed, there is no way a video can be that small (actually more like impossible). Why "advanced" warning? Any video that makes the Democrats look bad WILL be targeted. Download from Bitchute.


he is a traitor took money from the DNC for the last 4 years to push poltical orders and laws in the united states militarily as well as selling secrets to china russia iran north korea pakistan this guy has been a traitor for years and years and hes going to get away with it cause the united states is corrupt to the core and rich powerful people like him dont pay a price unless someone like oswald comes along


this part of their "insurance" policy?

peelosi this fat fuck of a general committing sedition and settiung up a "coup" of maga folk ehile betraying the usa to china.

and we at war wake the fuck up.


He's our modern day Benedict Arnold, sitting back laughing in the countries face, about no one's going to be able to do a damn thing about it! The Regime's got his back.


Far worse that merely telling others to ignore lawful orders from the US president.

If true, this is an act of espionage.


Its spelled "courts-martial" guys!


What a bitch. This is serious shit. May even make the news like two months from now. MSM and the dirty dems are all in bed together.

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