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She's an oath breaker, they all are, enforcing a constitutional infraction. Even Chauvin killed a person he should have treated as a witness to forgery, could have asked him where he might have gotten the 20 from.


Like I always say "Be careful for what you wish for", for it may not end well for you. You say you do not want police, well kiss good ambulances and firefighters. Why? I have training as an Emergency Medical Responder. We are taught, if the scene is not safe, do not enter. We can not save lives if we are attacked with no police. How about firefighters? Can you expect them to do their job of putting out fires if they are attacked with no police? Without police people WILL die, maybe even the person who says "abolish the police". Without police, homes and businesses WILL burn down, maybe one owned by the person who says "abolish the police". Mark my words, if you say "abolish the police", and you get your wish, you WILL come to regret your words.


Lady cop thinks taser but shoots bullets. She says fuck this I'm out of here. You know who is the next group to say fuck this? The armed American. Only they ain't leaving. The rioters will........ in body bags.

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