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"In the Senate, it requires a two-thirds majority."

If Republicans defend ALL of their seats, and take EVERY non-Republican seat possible, they get to 64. Three short of two thirds.

Meaning, if Trump is elected speaker, prepare for two more years of Dementia Joe and Heels Up Harris desperately clinging onto power.



Before you start counting them chickens.



Nah, he's going to be the 46th POTUS. You'll see. It's not that weird. He got out of there by the skin of his teeth. Otherwise we would have POTUS Pence right now.


There wont be an election after the nukes start falling.


Sounds like the move of a RINO!!!?


"The Plan" is to get a majority in both house & senate with Trump as SPEAKER of the HOUSE & then impeach Biden & then impeach Harris so Trump - as SPEAKER - would become POTUS - but this is wrong...

SPEAKER is not really the line of succession unless both POTUS & V-POTUS die.

If only the POTUS is removed (impeached / dies / 25th) then the V-P becomes POTUS & they choose a new V-P (with congressional approval / vote).

That is how I understand it...

Trump can't impeach his way to POTUS if he became SPEAKER - which itself - is a total Hail Mary / long shot... and maybe they are thinking they can impeach BOTH Biden & Harris simultaniously which could promote the SPEAKER to POTUS - but like I said - that's a LONG SHOT!




"The Speaker of the House ascending to the presidency has reference only to an emergency of some sort that either removed both the POTUS and VPOTUS simultaneously, or due to some circumstance in which they were both incapable of performing the duties of their offices.

Anything else, including an orderly removal of the President, brings the VP to the presidency. Once the VP is sworn in as POTUS, the new president selects another VPOTUS, after which that selection must be approved by a simple majority in both chambers of the Congress. There is no situation in which the Speaker of the House becomes the Vice President unless the President were to select the Speaker for the office of VP and the Speaker was approved by the Congress."


Why doesn't Matt Gaetz have the balls to be the Speaker himself? No Jim Jordan? No Marjorie Green? No wonder the Republicans can never get a single good thing done, even when they have the majority FOR YEARS, they have NO REAL PLAN to stop the Communist takeover of America, their only plan is to fill their pockets with taxpayer money, and hide their heads in the sand.


I like Trump, but would like to know his stand on the global "elite", Agenda 2030, digital money, forced medical treatment, etc. The people have the right to know, especially after these two years with the global "elite" gone crazy on power grab (money and political power).

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