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Reckless and irresponsible - forcing economic damage on Americans.


HIdey/Hoe did not win the show. Now it is time to go.


They literally are trying to destroy the country. There is no other explanation for this move as the official reason of "lack of interest" is bullshit considering there was plenty of time left on the clock for these leases to be available with which companies could have shown interest and now it will take months at least for the next round of leases to be made available considering all the bureaucratic red tape and regulation that has to be followed in offering them. There would have been no harm letting the offering window of these leases expire naturally and if no one bit new leases would be available shortly after these ones stopped being on offer. Now there is nothing in Alaska or the gulf for several months at least if not longer while record high fuel prices are crushing the economy and these energy companies might have been interested in the cancelled leases to do something about it.

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