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Yeah, Democrats have a limited frame of reference:

Democrat = GOOD

Socialist = GOOD

Moderate = BIGOT

Republican = Nazi

Elected Republican = LITERALLY HITLER

Anything else is out of their fucking depth.


All the people on the America First bus are always compared by the psychopathic Commiecrats to Hitler, and their distorted Communist take on history. They've always vilified Constitutional Conservatives that believe in the Republic, because they love Marxist class struggle ideology, and want to control others like they own them, as they did in America up to and after the War Between the States. Now they wish to have a Slave Communist State that gives all the power, and wealth to rich elites that control the present Regime, and have made steady progress this last year towards that goal.


DeSantis is America's greatest governor. As a Floridian, I stand firmly with him! God bless Ron and Casey!


The guy who is not letting fascism take root is the fascist..........yeah maybe do not trust the lunatic asserting that


literlly hitler.

orange man, desantis, the argument of the virtuous left and neocons occasionally go figure.

usually tossed about by people who would forcably jab you, police what you say and think, and have np tossing people out of society or into jail that oppose them.



Dhimmeroids keepin' it classy as always


Yawn, wake me up when an adult is running.


Hitler would be a more patriotic America-First leader than any Democrat in office today. Hitler fought the communists (and bolsheviks), so today's communist Democrats have to keep spending energy on demonizing him.


Agriculture Commissioner. Is that an elected position or can that cunt be fired?


Everyone is hilter nowadays.

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