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That's weird because Trump called me up that day and told me not to go.

He said the whole fucking thing glowed in the dark and I'd probably get thrown in a gulag and lose my CCW permit if I turned up for it.

I guess he likes me better than the guy with the fucking BUFFALO HEADRESS.



Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats just can't stop lying.


Of ALL - 100% of the political prisoners being imprisoned by our corrupt government none are or have been charged with INSURRECTION. This is again proof that the corrupt government and the SCUM are working hand-in-hand to create and maintain the lie to the American public that what happened on 1/6 was a coordinated attempt of insurrection against the USA. They knew it to be untrue from the start because they were the organizers of the event. They placed operatives in the crowd to amplify and precipitate the aggressive behavior. They had an operative place pipe bombs in the capitol to add to the fake “insurrection” claim. They were very good at catching all the Trump protestors but to date have not been able to find a real criminal that placed pipe bombs… This cabal keeps spewing that the protest at the capitol was an insurrection when they know it is completely false. But in true Marxist methods the truth be damned. Marxists are trained to embrace that if a lie serves a purpose it is completely OK to use it. They believe that if you tell a lie often enough that over time it will become fact. You can’t believe or negotiate with Marxists.


The corrupt FBI could find no evidence of this or any other Trump plot, so just a BS story.


How is it a "burner phone" if they were never burned or thrown away? If you don't discard the phone after the purported op, then it's just a new phone you bought. Dems are hysterical ninnies.

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