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Funny how all these "decolonize" retards never go back to overseas.


DC is a hardcore black communist stronghold


This sh!t is going to continue until we tell them universally and overwhelmingly to go f$ck themselves.


Fuck DC. Instead, Have a Historically Accurate Thanksgiving!

"If the cause of justice for Native Americans was the actual business at hand, then the history of genocide would commence with the buried history of the slaughters perpetrated by Indian tribes against rival tribes, long before any Englishman stepped on Plymouth Rock... This entry of whites into the civil wars of the natives is the "genocide" for which the founders of New England are indicted, while the genocide perpetrated by Native Americans on one another is censored or absolved."

"One of the things we take for granted today is that it is wrong to take other people's land by force. Neither American Indians nor the European invaders believed that. Both took other people's land by force -- as did Asians, Africans and others... Today's child cannot possibly put himself or herself in the mindset of Indians centuries ago, without infinitely more knowledge of history than our schools have ever taught. Nor is understanding history the purpose of such questions. The purpose is to score points against Western society."


Time to remove Ferebee.

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