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Don't put your faith in politicians, judges, district attorneys, or heroin addicts. You are bound to be disappointed if you do.

You guys counting on the Supreme Court to do what is right? Good luck, suckers. How many justices do the thuggish bastards need to turn? How many death threats, kidnappings, riots in their front yard, grafitti on their front doors does it take? Not very many!

The world is not nice. It is run by scum. Get your rifles zeroed; we're in for a fight.


It's going to the Supreme Court. If they don't deal with it, and if House Legislatures don't deal with it, then it Will Be Civil Revolutionary War. Guaranteed. Fingers Crossed.


But who was surprised by this? It's an Obama judge. Onward to SCOTUS. Appeals by now have already been filed so barring blackmailed justices, there should be a fair examination of the facts.

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