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Evil fucking jews using their ill gotten money and power to manipulate and subvert as usual


I am the Queen of the South, Calasia Day is my GOD given name, that Jesus said would precede his return, in an acting form on GOD our Makers watch, and only she can stop this.... as she has to unite the USA to repent like Jonah did Nineveh. GOD chose me as I know how to repent for my own sins, and I am a Preachers, Kid, prodigal child who got properly trained by GOD as to the why nots, local, state and national beauty queen. fisherman of my family, seamstress, made my wedding dress, had a garden growing up to gather and put up food, gave birth to 4: 3 girls and a U.S. Marine. I will eventually need protection but no one believes me yet. I'm speaking out on facebook.com/crysdaye. I was a 15 closer of fortune 500 Companies, want a be speech teacher who defended Trump and got fired as a Substitute, and I am 65. I look 40 though.. like Sarah who gave birth to Isaac, I'm like Queen Esther here to save her people, like Rahab, to save who I can before attacked, like Moses. to share a warning like Elijah I have a warning to Those who are like Baal, I'm pro life. We are like Lot his city that got taken out, and GOD HIS angels are with me. We need to repent. So GOD chose a prodigal child who knows why to believe in Jesus. I have a crown to make for Jesus, but wear the 12 star model for it, shine like Jesus, will call those the Islamic putting them down as a foundation under our feet as allies in Israel for Jesus HIS landing there. Just think of me as like Jesus, as the Rabbis DID not believe he was our Messiah, but crucified him. So what do you think our leaders would do to what GOD chooses as this queen? My religious leaders seem no different. They haven't given me a chance to do my job, so I am trying... I asked Channel 2 to be able to speak to them what I need to tell our people. That job is killing us, and this mask is a laughing matter to our enemies.... as they are liars who are winning dictatorship of the USA within a Trojan Horse of deception. My dad was a Baptist Minister, on number one gun of HIs Navy ship going to Pearl Harbor. He told me I wonwhen I called to tell I'm I won, "Miss SEXY USA 1976", our 200 year anniversary. Yes, I'm not so perfect. BUT I KNOW HOW TO REPENT. MY DADDY TAUGHT ME HOW. GOD knows I know how to repent and I need to show my country.


I am not wise, but I know how to learn from others, and GOD. GOD is wise! YOU don't make it into heaven unless you can learn like a child. About the Jews, Islamic, and Christians. there are sinner among them all, but hate is not of GOD. Love is, and GOD hopes for our salvation. Protect yourself at least by knowing the truth from lies.

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