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Cash baby, cash.


Why the surprise? The Wuhan virus was intended to kill those agreeing with Trump's agenda not the chinese propaganda! The rats have infested the campuses and the ccp bats have the support of democrat caucuses...


(From The Writ: Dabhar Translation; anything in are meant to be displayed like how exponents are (these are primarily Greek prepositions and articles))


11 Slip into the panoply (complete armor) of God, that you are able to stand firm to the methods of the Diabolos (lit. "Through-caster;" AKA Satan; AKA Helel),

12 since for us the reeling-fight is not to blood and flesh, but to the origin-beings, to the authorities, to the cosmocrates of this very darkness, to the be spirited ones of evilness in the heavenlies.

13 Therefore take up the panoply (complete armor) of God, so tha_t_ you may be able to wit_h_stand in the evil day, and hav_ing down-worked all _su_ch, _you may also be able to stand.

Our fight is against demons, fallen angels, evil spirits, and unclean spirits. All of which can be found in the book of Enoch. The giants were children of the watcher angels who came to this earthland to lie with human women in not just the time of Noah, but also in the time of Sodom and Gamorrah, and today in this day and age.

Do not be distracted by the game that Trump, Faucci, QAnon, Hebrew Roots Movement people, Truth Movement people, other politicians, other government agencies, celebrities, etc are all playing. They all are working for Satan and these monsters. Think, why do they keep showing six-o'clock whenever a clock is on screen? First watch time, which is eventide (Mark13:35).

Mark 13:35-36

35 Hence, watch; for you (referring the 12 learning-ones) do not perceive when the lord of the house comes, either at eventide, or about midnight, or at the cock's voice, or in the morning,

36 so that as hav_ing come unaware, he may no_t find you as down-resting ones.

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