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Cotton has been a politician for 7 years. Where has he been on this issue?


Yea BUT...winter really is coming. SO could you find another Euphemism. One that doesn't leave me wondering if you really plan on doing somthing OR YOU JUST SAID SOMETHING THAT LETS THEM KNOW DON'T WORRY WE WILL GET YOU ALL OFF THE HOOK! They're tons... Um the hour of your demise is upon you....ask not for whom the bell tolls Or somthing more original ..SKY-NET HAS YOU and were sending Terminators. I don't want any ambiguity. I WANT TO SEE THE WHOLE THING HUNG OUT TO DRY. And NOT that i wanna see it, but, "ALSO SOME MUST BE HUNG", so this country can be clear its not going to allow communist takeover. Where Necessary. My opinion many of these criminals have gone past just LOCK EM UP. THEY HAVE INJURED EACH AND EVERY AMERICAN BY THEIR ACTIONS. We give out harsh punishments for parents letting their kids play outside and so much CRAZY CRAP it would be funny if not true, THEN WE LET ACTUAL CRAZY STUFF LIKE THIS FADE AWAY WITH NO REPERCUSSION its insanity that must be gotten over.

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