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Unless the fraudulent 2020 election result is overturned, I'm not sure how the Democrats can get voted out ever again.


Many states have lax vote integrity bills which allow cheating, fraudulent voting, and tampering with ballots that the demand to keep such rules can only be the REAL modern J Crow laws. 'Do everything to ensure only our candidates are elected, ignore the will of the American Citizen'. Pure true Jim Crow laws.

[“This bill is the revival (No, it is the END of your J Crow laws!) of Jim Crow in this state whether the sponsors admit it or not,” Democrat state Rep. Omari Hardy said, repeating the false narrative continually touted by top Democrats such as Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and President Biden himself.]


Everyone knows 2020 was stolen by the CCP and their globalist cabal handlers - it was the real and only foreign funded election interference. Voting in the US is dead without nationwide reform.

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