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So then, when a woman is captured on video encouraging others to "shoot the white folk..." is anything going to happen?


This kind of thing probably leads to plants getting watered with a sports drink and president Camancho getting elected eventually


George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Rayshard Brooks were all convicted felons, and Breonna Taylor was the former girlfriend and still acquintance of a drug dealer.

Rather than racism, it appears criminality s the public health crisis affecting blacks.


Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you, The Thought Police.


Colorado will then promptly continue to practice Racism against Whites.

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2020-39-Sa 08:39:11 am

Colorado wil then promptly Colorado will then promptly continue to practice Racism against Whites.


Communism is the real public health crisis.


This is a callously moronic fake fear to avoid a far greater public health failure. That far greater failure, all of the water in the world is polluted and getting more polluted by the second. A huge public health crisis.

Was seen as a crisis long before the Clean Water Act passed in 1948. Consider the tens of trillions in taxes grabbed to control water pollution, but water pollution here got worse. Around the world much worse. And the water travels around the world.

All the trillions grabbed to stop water pollution gave us signs. DO NOT SWIM! DO NOT DRINK! DO NOT EAT SEAFOOD! The trillions gave us seafood farms. Gave us the bottled water industry that pollutes, and water purifier industry that pollutes. Gave us the river near Cleveland, OH that was so polluted the river caught on fire. A blazing river, wtf. Gave us the Flint, MI water pollution disaster.

All water under, on, and above is polluted and gets more polluted as it falls down through the sky that gets more polluted onto the the earth, streams, rivers and oceans that ate more polluted each cycle from earth to sky and back down.

The trillions in taxes they want for Climate Change is a scam. How do we know? They failed to stop water pollution and the world’s water gets more polluted by the second.

The environmentalist want to give aid to 3rd world countries so they can grow industry in their country. Become like US, with all our excesses.

Making money pollutes (a job) and spending money made doing that job pollutes. An idle dollar does not pollute. Giving it to someone to produce something pollutes. The recipient spending the dollar pollutes.

So, the pollution continues as the left and right (Dems & Repubs) always want more money made and spent.


Because so many people have died from it......not


Powers or privilege is gained by claiming it is a 'health crisis'. Likely good old dollars as well. I question the motives.


So does this go in all color directions or are you going to waste public money tracking down every white on black racist claim, you know those claims that ALWAYS proves to be a hoax.

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