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Yup. Joey Boy did that.


you been cheering it on all along you marxist jewess.

are you the one met the ccp spy at the airport?


Yes Bonehead Behar, we get it. We started losing our rights the day Joe Biden was fraudulently installed in the White House and the Obama administration began giving our rights away; Open Southern Border, 40 Billion to and extremely corrupt Ukraine, destroyed our energy independence, increased food cost and taxes, gave us the worst inflation in history and more and more. Yes Bonehead Behar, the imbedded Obama administration has continued its intention to destroy American Sovereignty.


We get it. We are. Let's Go Brandon is leading the charge. He wanted to force us to take experimental gene therapy and unless you are military or health care he failed, he's going after free speech with his ministry of truth, freedom of assembly by weaponizing the FBI and DOJ to go after J6 protestors and parents fed up with commie CRT and child grooming in public schools and the right to bear arms with certain moves the ATF is trying to make.

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