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It couldn't be shown, let alone proven. Leftists are taking things out of context and relying on bad mind reading.


Let's get right to the heart of this, the dem(on)s are looking for optics. They do not care about the law. They just want to discredit and destroy anything associated with Trump.

Nancy read your blotter.

[ if you’re going to accuse somebody of incitement of violence, that’s a very hard legal standard to prove. There’s no way it could be proven in a court of law in this particular case. ]


Crenshaw is an idiot. He thinks the rule of law still exists. It seems he hasn't figure out that the Democrats obliterated the rule of law stealing an election. They can do whatever they want. To whomever they want and whenever they want with impunity. They can do this until one day, the American population has an epiphany, the only way to reestablish the rule of law is via war. In the meantime, the American population will reach down and grab its ankles whilst the globalist stick it in without any lube.

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