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I think fight fans were pretty upset that they came to watch a fight and saw another Holly Holm exhibition. The only punches and kicks thrown with bad intention came from Viera who exhibited high level judo skills, punching, and kicking dominance. Not only that but Viera almost chocked Holly out, and it was only Viera concern for Holly's safety that allowed holly to slip out; watch the fight, it is clear Viera thought the judge was going to stop it when holly slipped out. All I saw was Holly hug a fence and neutralizing her opponents offense while accomplishing nothing; the rest of time Holly got her ass kicked.

Holly is now actin like a petulant child; this comment:

It’s just frustrating, because I think a lot of times these judges haven’t been through a training camp and see what you put on the line, and then when it comes short, just because they decide,

highlights her lack of maturation and is more like the type of thing an arrested adolescent would say than a 40 year old woman. And yet the reality is Holly is but an arrested adolescent. See could have had it all had she retired years ago. Instead she threw away her marriage, children, and motherhood, all just to feed her insatiable ego and now it is all crashing in. Holly is 40 years old and 4-6 post Rousey, think about that. She threw a life away and for what – her ego.


_She looked old. The speed, movement, and crisp boxing weren't there against a hittable opponent. _

This. Holly is old. Think of Marvin Hagiers trajectory.. When Marvin slowed down he became a boxer-stalker-puncher.combo Holly does not have the power to be a true threat like Marvin did, so all she has to evolve to is her wall and stall which does not progress a fight. Holly is old, and is now simply reduced to being an opponent.

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