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WHITE countries the world over will REGRET the way they quietly went along with the GREAT REPLACEMENT all these years. For whatever reasons, whether it was fear of being labeled a "racist" or some ill-founded "Christian" belief that "ALL MEN ARE EQUAL," they/we have allowed ourselves to be infiltrated and pushed aside, while our Leftist "leaders" take advantage of both the unskilled, uneducated newcomers AND us multi-culti weary citizen-taxpayers. We will RUE THE DAY we "welcomed" the newcomers who jumped our fence! Let it be a LESSON! GENES MATTER! CULTURE MATTERS! HUMAN DECENCY MATTERS! A COUNTRY IS NOT A COUNTRY WITHOUT BORDERS!


The man to watch.


What the?! Please tell me he's not just a grifter?! These are the words that Europeans need to hear!

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