...despite the fact that some things labeled “misinformation” turned out to be true...

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Government organizations can collude with whoever they want in an effort to censor the public from speaking.

But, it won't do a fucking thing to stop us from talking.

I know it's confusing for the Globals but... Blogs, Vlogs, direct websites, Bitchute, Kiwi Farms... we don't live in CHINA!

We won't shut up. Try and make us.


Twitter banned ZeroHedge for reporting on facts. The same facts were reported a week or two later by establishment propagandists once they could no longer be kept secret. Has Twitter reversed its censorship and deplatforming? Has it applied its own standard consistently? No.

Twitter is an enemy of the truth. They are liars who seek to deceive you. They have no moral standard; they will do whatever serves their lust for power and control.


Don't assume the flow of information is going to be stopped. The internet is bigger than the web, and the web is bigger than Facefuck and Twatter.

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