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Where Trump goes Twitter goes. Trump’s platform choice goes up, Twitter platform goes down.

Possible scenario. Trump chooses a USA loving platform. Call it USFirst (US1). The Left will slowly leave Twitter to spread US hate on USFirst in the name of Trump hate. The same thing that was done on Twitter that made Twitter surge. Twitter stock will dive as it’s users are then mostly US haters raging among themselves how much they hate the US (boring themselves). Twitter then depends on US haters while new US First platform depends on US lovers and haters. In essence the Twitter that Twitter once was, free speaking per se.

Above is just a guess as how things unfold after Trump decides which platform he will choose. Buying stock in it might be “winning”. Maybe wise to dump Twitter stock now. Or sell it short, but first study GameStop short selling.


Good. He should be on Gab.


Maybe they haven't realized that we don't use twitter

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