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There are 2 separate crimes involved here. First is the crime of the stolen election as the attorney Sidney Powell laid out in her case. Second is the crime of the court failing to recognize its duty under the Constitution to even hear the evidence in open proceedings which the public can follow.

There is a third crime waiting in the wings. With all legal avenues closed to peaceful redress the next option is for the military to do its duty and protect the nation and the Constitution. Sadly, I expect a similar wimp out response from the military brass.

And that leaves just the tragedy portion of this film to play out. A replay where plucky colonists took on the mightiest military machine of the time, the British Empire, and won. Was this the Plan all along? This Plan, supposedly going back years before Trump was elected, this is the best the brightest minds in Military Intelligence could have created? Or is it more indicative a confirmation that with the last victory being WWII these guys don't know what they are doing?

The clock is ticking to resolution. Right now Patriots are being starved with businesses closing left and right. Mortgages in arrears are now going to result in evictions making them homeless. Free speech is being silenced by Big Tech. Banks are closing their doors to commerce with them. Laws are trying to be passed to disarm them. Camps are ready to contain them. Weather warfare is unleashed to indiscriminately destroy along with a virus released to usher in vaccines (medical operating systems) for more of the same destruction.

And President Trump calls for peace and respect for the rule of law.

Many someones are deluding themselves of the situation reality.


Time for???

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