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To sum up: Are you going to believe the Dims or your lying eyes?

Personally I find it an easy call. So should every court. That it has to go the the US Supreme Court in an effort to overturn lower court rulings shows exactly how far the rot has spread in the system. Cleaning the Executive, Legislative and Court branches of government, state and federal, should put a major dent in the unemployment rate as prisoners do not count in the calculation.

And that does fit the biblical description advertised as to what is coming.


Yes! It will take the best we can get to overturn this Stolen Election. The proof is there for all to see yet the corruption is spread so deep we may not ever get back to semi-honest elections. The Vote Counting Machines can be programmed easily to give false counts. Then there is the old 'ballot stuffing' that is still going on. The list of 30 actions taken by the Democrats/Communists/Globalists in the Georgia lawsuit is a real eye opener. It seems quite a few in the legal profession are trying to be among the 'ruling elite' in the new-world-order.


The whole world is watching. If the fraud is proven and Trump stays in office it could have monumental repercussions for the entire planet. There have been so many stolen elections for so many decades in so many countries, all be the same cabal of talmudic globalists. This could be a turning point.

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