...the U.S. public's confidence in elections is one of the worst of any wealthy democracy.

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What a crock of shit this #FakeNews headline is. If you finally go through all the BS links in this article and at #Statista you'll see the actual question being reported is whether or not people had confidence that the US Government was able to protect them from foreign government's election interference. You'll also see that this 40 percent number comes from those completely confident while the remaining 60% is a combination of all other answers.

Fake news, fuck off.


No shit, Sherlock. Do you even REPUBLIC?

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2020-10-Tu 09:10:05 pm

No shit, Sherlock. Do you even, REPUBLIC?


It seems like it should be near 100%. The left still thinks Russia or whoever else is influencing it and the right knows there is election fraud.


There hasn't been an honest election in Chicago, or New York, or Boston, for the last century. Why do we need help from Russia?


Oh really and guess why that is because democrats are fucking crooks FACT. show me a corrupt city or state and I will show you a Democrat running it FACT


10 million illegals voted in 2012 and 16 thanks to democrat non-enforcement of the law. All sanctuary cities let illegals vote and they don't even check for age. If you look hispanic they know you are on welfare and will vote dem.

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