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Free China!! Free the shit out of their communist leaders! Free the fuck out of them!!


China... can't be freed from it's communist bullshit government.

The Chinese people, whatever they say when nobody is looking, want ORDER, and they want the unmitigated dominance of the Han people over the entire world.

They like gun control, and hate free speech, and rather enjoy the comfort of Big Brother listening to every word they say.

I say with complete conviction: Fuck the Chinese... before they fuck the rest of us.


Beware of Chinese "conservatives" in America.

They are looking out for the interests of their fellow Chinamen. Period.

They will not hesitate to take positions against the Baizuo of the Democratic Party, just to support their Chinese transnational elite peers, but that does not mean they are on our side.

Chinese think that Westerners are irredeemable barbarians, who exist to be exploited.

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