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If the cops were smart they would withdraw their protection from the idiot politicians running those hell hole cities and let the leadership there experience the business end of their bad policies first hand. But the cops don't do that because that would jeopardize the paycheck, benefits, and retirement package. So the mayor's and councilmen treat their cities police forces as their personal protection detail. A major benefit that goes along with the salaries and expense accounts of elected office to 'serve the people'.

So either admit you are money whores keeping criminals in power, working for a small fraction of what the political criminals get, or man up and get another job somewhere else, maybe in a different line of work altogether. The lines of you are 'Upholding the rule of law' when you see what is happening in the courts or being there to 'protect and serve' when only criminals in your town can have guns are just slogans. The body count should be cluing you in that slogans are no match for bad policy.

Or it would if you stopping believing in the fantasy of what your job should be and look at the reality of what it has actually become. So prove you aren't stupid and take action. One of the benefits is it might save your life. Another would be it might cost the politicians theirs. Stupid should pay a price. Will it be you or them paying?

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