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More facts on the incident come out but complete context is still lacking. I wonder who was the senior officer on the scene, who should have been running the stop and how to handle it. At a minimum the 3 person team didn't work well together to subdue one individual. How an officer mistakes a taser and a 9mm points to both lack of training and temperament inconsistent for a position which requires cool thinking under stress.

Diversity did not make this team stronger. But slogans appear to trump effective policies in so many areas today. I really doubt the leadership will draw the correct lessons from this incident. For instance, someone should ask Biden how his gun control bill would have stopped this.


Negligent discharge is the appropriate term. It wasn't an accident, it was negligent.

One tweet says, "involuntary manslaughter" or "Man 2" but does he know the local laws that define what those charges are? Definitions vary from place to place.

Even though the officer acted negligently, so did the perpetrator who fought free from cops and was attempting to flee the scene. Use of force was certainly justified, although not necessarily deadly force. We need to know more about the local laws on police use of force.

Everyone blaming the cop needs to share some blame with the idiot who created the situation.

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