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The shit people will do for an Instagram pic...

After seeing this massive MeTooooo herd of Everest lemmings I think it's time to say that climbing Mt. Everest is officially played out, just like Harley Davidsons were when dentists started riding 'hogs', Nickelback's music, and jacked up diesel Brodozers - All low-end corporatized "rebellion symbols" for out-of-touch wealthy douchebags that want to belong to the huge, throbbing herd of "unique and rebellious" Mullet People - Business up front Monday-Friday, Party in the Back Sat-Sun, hopelessly pathetic and out of fashion in Current Year


I'm not a climber and don't understand the attraction, but surely this isn't what the sport is supposed to be about? Where's the glory in standing in line?


Lemmings don't run off cliffs, but humans apparently pile up in ice capades.

Disney made the documentary showing lemmings "running off cliffs"; however, they had a turntable slightly off-camera, and flung those poor rodents to their deaths.

There is propaganda and lies everywhere, discernment is key.

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