Mental-health issues affecting young adults and adolescents in the U.S. have increased significantly in the past decade...

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OK I like right-wing circlejerking as much as the next friggin guy - and I loved the AOC boomermeme - but I've got some criticisms of this article.

I don't see the proof that millennials not saving for retirement is driven by climate change hysteria. The cited MarketWatch article profiles one person. One. And then goes on to say these percents think climate change is significant and will impact them. That's not the same thing as not saving because you think climate disaster is nigh.

The CNN article cited simple said that approximately 66% don't have retirement savings, and a quote from a Douglas Boneparth saying it seems to be due to paying off student loans and buying houses - both of which build net worth. It also says many aren't living extravagant lifestyles. Neither of those support the idea that climate hysteria is behind a savings dearth.

There's probably post-hoc rationalization too. In other words, someone isn't saving, knows he or she could and should be, and justifies it with something silly like "well it won't matter anyway because climate change." Anyone who's dealt with self-destructive behaviors knows that if someone doesn't want to take responsibility for something, there's no end of excuses to enable that.


That's because Vaccines, food, pollution, wifi, tech, media and last but not least schools turn them into TRIGGERED, brainwashed morons. Ask one to read a clock that's not digital. TRULY SAD!!! Real bad parenting! I could before starting school like, most kids.

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