This is the politics of decline and collapse... What if politics merely fosters an illusion of solutions, a paper-thin veneer of faux progress? What if politics is ultimately little more than a fatal distraction?

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Punky and I say, Politics arent supposed to be fixed...theyve never been for that purpose. Its strictly "bread & circus" theater for the masses. Politics is just entertainment thats all. Its never supposed to really change things...just keep us entertained and away from those who really control things. I enjoy politics as well as I do because I realize that and I dont take it too seriously in the big scheme of things. I guess thats why some folks flippantly say, "Its just Politics!" I guess thats what that means... Punkys and my advice is to just have fun with it all and not to take any of it too seriously. Enjoy! {smile} Pam&Punky


"This is the politics of decline and collapse." Indeed, it is. And it is by design.

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