"Five studies, including two controlled clinical trials, have demonstrated significant major outpatient treatment efficacy."

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We all know that #TrumpPills actually work, even the #leftists that have taken them or had their family members take them have admitted it. Only the #MSM and the dumb #liberals who don't check multiple sources still hold onto this charade.

Risch recommends the combination of HCQ+AZ "preferably with zinc" as a "standard outpatient treatment, at least until we find or add something better, whether that could be remdesivir or something else."


Freaking Trumper!! Burn his hospital down, the racist!


the 'orange man bad' crowd has been creating false narratives about HCQ and designing trials designed to fail. Then there's the craptastic "study" published in the Lancet and the so-called VA Study that was actually produced by UVA students whose only medical member were four EYE DOCTORS.

Check out the Lancet and "VA" studies - no zinc, and many no antibiotic. There were no groupings designed to prevent confounding conditions from creating false indications. The worst sort of junk "science" better labeled as science fiction.


MSM and Democrats: "Orange Man Bad, Hydroxychloroquine bad, buy our expensive vaccine and stay in house arrest!"


Now that the distraction of the media has turned to the widespread rioting, perhaps medical truths will be more readily publicized

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