The Marine CorpsĀ said Monday it would pause sending thousandsĀ of new recruits to Parris Island over COVID-19 fears, however.

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Gotta have the boys...i mean Xers, read to fight and die for Israel...I mean America.


I'm familiar with the too-little, too-late health decisions of the military recruiting and training commands from my early experience with the spinal meningitis problems in basic training in the early 70s.

While I agree that training must go on it must be done in a sustainable manner. Ending up with the trainees and staff too sick to train accomplishes nothing.

Learning nothing from past surges in diseases and making no plans for future ones isn't a good plan either. Biological warfare is a fact of life today and in the future, refusing to plan and prepare only assures we'll be on the losing side.


Can't have boots on our neck if you aren't training new wearers.

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