It's the third senior government official to fall ill. How long until the Ayatollah gets sick?

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Iran now paying for getting into bed with China.


#China #Iran top officials suffering and dying from #coronavirus? It's almost as if #CLOVID19 is a gift from God.

After confirming on Thursday that its 'official' death toll from the outbreak had reached 22 with 141 cases confirmed (lawmakers have claimed that the death toll as of Monday was up to 50 in Qom alone), Iranian state media reported that the country's vice president for women and family affairs, Masoumeh Ebtekar has tested positive for the virus.


And this is a country with VERY STRONG border controls unlike the porous borders of the US.


In China it has a 10% death rate for the old and young, it mainly kills males, and healthly young men rarely die.

But china lies


well therir health miniser was dying of it in the goverment building meeting with who knows all and spreading it all over the goverment buildings.

and this stuff lasts days on it own in the wild and it spreads aggressively.

how much of the govt has it now all of it?

this also the same government in its wisdom declared disease was no threat to iran because allah is some bullshit no doubt, because you live in a world with international travel and borders. how exactly does doing fuck all protect iran or your people?

oh look it did worse then fuck all it could collapse your shit corrupt do nothing goverment. gg could not happen to a nicer bunch. hope you all die.


Just look at this Coronavirus as a cleanser...The Anti-Christ Pope is sick too.

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