With more emphasis being placed on environmental risks, how much do we need to worry? According to the Davos elites at the World Economic Forum, more than we can imagine...

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I think i have reached "peak climate hoax hysteria." Fuck Davos, to hell with their idiot puppet Greta.


The biggest global risks are all in fucking Davos.


Oh, don't tell me "Stopping Capitalism" is the answer. It always is. Show me the Data.

  • Gender warriors? Patriarchy - "Stop Capitalism"
  • Climate? "Stop Capitalism"
  • Trans? Stop Gender Stereotypes, introduce pronoun laws in the workplace - "Stop Capitalism"
  • LGBT? Sexual stereotypes - "Stop Capitalism"

The answer is always "Stop Capitalism"... almost like.... this is nothing to do with the bullshit play-the-victim causes they dig up, it's just Marxism dressed up in other clothes

The people pushing this SHIT into dumb Western minds are invisible trolls, no doubt Russian and Chinese - who know that Marxism fucks up your country - who wrap it up in anger blogs and "millions will die" rhetoric - the useful idiots re-bleating it are upper middle-class idiot Western Left-wingers who are too stupid and anti-social to understand that they are being conned to screw heir own countries up. The normal public are then bullied with this endless bullshit to feel like they need to change and there is some battle going on, even though there isn't. It is one big crock of shit that is coming from outside the West


it IS a massive risk - to their gravy train that is.


Let's plan to have a climate action failure. Fuck the global elites

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