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Glenn Beck claims that government intervention is a bad idea. You have a better idea at this time? It's either that or allow the tech companies to deny half of this country access to the economy. And guess where they are going to go? Outside of the skinheads? We're going to have dueling economies and internets in a couple years. And guess what comes after that.

LIke what that rat bastard Jack Dorsey (Lightning Grant me Your Vengeance) said, they're driving people into a very dark place. And that's exactly what they want.

If you ask me what can be done about these tech companies. I only have three words. Electro Magnetic Pulse.


There's not much difference in practice between a governing party censoring people and an ideologically aligned network of corporations censoring people. In both cases they are removing criticism of their ideology. If it could have been conceived 200+ years ago that a small cabal would have the power to prevent pamphlets being printed or distributed, would the Bill of Rights have been drawn up differently?


Two ways this stops. One... define them in law as a 'platform' and not a 'publisher'. 2nd... they are NOT private companies when shares are traded on any Exchange. They're asking the 'public' to invest in their 'enterprise' so an expectation that they will uphold the rights of the people speaking on their platforms. If they want to censor speech then they have to take the company private... no public shares sold. This does two things, ensures rights are upheld and dries up the Left's cash cows.

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