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"See? I only make +100k a year! I'm so oppressed! So under-payed for my marvelous work! Give me more money!"

It's amazing just how stupid and out of touch with reality they are.


"So how much do we have to pay you to pretend to be a member of the oppressed and underpaid working class, so that our audience will sympathize with you and trust you?"

"$145,000 sounds good."


Wow. That actually explains a LOT!

A Senior Editor with NYTimes only makes $145k annually?! In NYC?!?!

No wonder these morons can't come up with a story based in journalism to save their lives!


"A bunch of journalists LEAKED their salaries, turns out they make a lot."

You don't say. 🤔💭

And yet they cry OPPRESSION while getting paid $60K and over whilst demanding unionization.

They get to write social justice issues and "Trump is bad" and get paid for it!

These "journalists" are the real privileged.


Tim, if there is no conspiracy behind the ivory tower elites...then who killed Epstein? (And why make it look like a suicide? That's the easiest explanation to debunk and now people know there's someone(s) at the top. I would have him get into a fight with a cellmate and have the cellmate kill him, that would have kept many moderates in doubt as to the conspiracy.)


most of them make over 30k net per year, what are they complaining about?

most households have on average a 60k gross per year income between all earners in the household, which means on average they make less than 30k net each


Poor bastards, they have to suffer just mere semi-luxury.


yes, those are white collar jobs. of course they make a lot compared to the average Joe


These people get paid shitloads to produce negative value and to actually damage society.


Monetary compensation is complicated. Of course, there is always a special, six-figure, job set aside for an ex-president's daughter, or an ex-vice-president's son.

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