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Kang: Police are bad, because they do bad things.
Also Kang: BLM is good, because nothing is perfect.


Those MSM clips still make me laugh. Literally standing in front of a burning building while saying how peaceful it all is.


#BlackLivesMatter and #Antifa are BOTH #Terrorist groups!!!

#BLM has openly stated their goals are to destroy the nuclear family in the West AND that they are #Marxists who want to destroy America's government and founding principles!!!

ANYONE claiming to "march peacefully" with these people are nothing more than "useful idiots" being used for cover by the violent scumbags looting, burning buildings, assaulting and KILLING PEOPLE!!!



at around 55 minutes the young man talks about getting a DWI and all of the expenses and life changing orders imposed on a person who gets a DWI. Then he indicates that he believes that "If he were #White" he would have been treated differently!!! Let me tell you something............. I AM WHITE!!! I also got a DWI which has cost me in the neighborhood of $50,000 and has basically upended my life........... I believe it's excessive for the "Crime" and is in large part due to Mothers against drunk driving. They treat EVERYONE arrested for a DWI as if they killed someone, even if they didn't, and YES, it's excessive. But believe it or not young man............. The law screws white guys too!!! What's worse, in my case I had not had a drink in over 9 hours!!! But black folks are treated no differently than white folks are!!! Black people are no longer discriminated against in the US in 2020 PERIOD!!! If anything, white people are!!! Affirmative action and quota hiring, HUD Housing and 50 other programs show preferences to blacks over whites!!!


That second and last guy should change his name to 'Whataboutism'

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